Gauge customer opinion with market research

As a business owner or manager there is nothing more important than making sure your customers are happy and your products are selling. Conducting market research allows you to gauge how your target audience perceives your company and whether or not your business goals are being met. In addition to getting valuable feedback on quality, service and packaging, you will also be able to understand your customers and be more in tune with their expectations of you. Market research methods have grown and become increasingly more sophisticated over time, from the very first street interviews in the 1930s to simple touch responses using a tablet computer today. Nowadays, companies use straightforward surveys, personal interviews, focus groups, field trials, observations and more to connect with their audiences and provide the products and services that are going to help them be successful in the future. You can learn more about these market research methods and a history of mobile marketing research by reading the infographic below.

Created by MFour Mobile Research, defining mobile and its benefits to research professionals.


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