EdX: The future of online education is now

Harvard University and MIT transformational new partnership in online education Trough edX collaborate to enhance campus-based teaching and learning, by building the global community of online learners.

EdX is build on both universities’ experience, offering online instructional content. The technological platform established by MITx, serves as the foundation for the new learning system, designed to offer online versions of MIT courses featuring video lesson segments, embedded quizzes, immediate feedback, student-ranked questions and answers, online laboratories and student-paced learning. Certificates of mastery are available for those who are motivated and able to demonstrate their knowledge of the course material.

MIT and Harvard expect other universities will join them in offering courses on the edX platform. Thought the jointly operated edX platform to research how students learn and how technologies can facilitate effective teaching both on-campus and online, the edX platform enables the study of which teaching methods and tools are most successful. The findings of the research will be used to inform how faculty use technology in their teaching, that enhances the experience for students on campus and for the millions expected to take advantage of these new online offerings.

The initiative that is overseen by a not-for-profit organization based in Cambridge, Mass., is owned and governed equally by the two universities. MIT and Harvard committed to a combined $60 million ($30 million each) in institutional support, grants and philanthropy to launch the collaboration.

Research will enhance traditional residential model of undergraduate education on both campuses, by supporting an unlimited number of experimental online approaches to teaching that can be used by Harvard and MIT faculty to benefit their students. It provides global access to some of the world-class instruction that already occurs at both institutions, but which is only one aspect of the full Harvard College and MIT experience.

The news can be followed at News office MIT or the YouTube edX

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