How to be top legal secretary?

If you are considering a career as a legal secretary then you’ll be pleased to hear that there will always be plenty of work available! Legal secretaries have made themselves completely indispensable and lawyers know they couldn’t do half as good a job without them onboard. It’s the perfect solution for people that have got…


Top Melbourne business courses

The ever evolving business world requires up to date knowledge and skills to keep your foothold in the industry. For this, countless universities and colleges around the world revise their degree programs to help students not only learn new skills and gain additional knowledge, but also help them in deciding an ideal  career direction. There…


The best university city in the world

It’s hard not to be in awe of a city that was founded by Batman. John Batman, that is, who, in 1835, established the settlement upon the Yarra River that would become Melbourne. The discovery of gold triggered the Victoria Gold Rush in 1851, and Melbourne grew into a thriving city. By the 1880s, at…