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The ever evolving business world requires up to date knowledge and skills to keep your foothold in the industry. For this, countless universities and colleges around the world revise their degree programs to help students not only learn new skills and gain additional knowledge, but also help them in deciding an ideal  career direction. There are a number of business courses available from universities around the world, but recently Melbourne, Australia has become one of the biggest hubs for business students. We have created a list of different courses available for students within Melbourne.

Full-time MBA courses

The Melbourne Business School offers a comprehensive, up to date and a fast track degree program that allows students to gain deep knowledge in the business industry. It covers subjects like finance, marketing and accounting.

Part-time MBA courses

Part time MBA courses in Melbourne are available to professionals who want to develop further skills and gain knowledge to advance their career.  These courses are specifically designed to be flexible for professionals, giving them the necessary personal and leaderships skills to succeed and have a better competitive edge. The degree is internationally recognized all over the world and is offered at the Melbourne Business School.

Executive MBA

This course is specifically designed for managerial level individuals who want to further progress their career. The course perfectly balances time to help students maintain their professional and personal life. The course is extended to an 18th month period with one week given to overseas module.

Senior Executive MBA

The Senior Executive MBA course is designed for senior managers who face difficulty in professional life while trying to give time to professional development through further education. The course is designed to give students a competitive edge and encourages them to learn new insights and skills to perform extraordinarily in top level executive positions. This degree offers a unique modular structure that puts senior executives in control, giving them the ability to control their study from their professional life. The course lasts about 14 months.

Master of management

The Master of Management is designed for students who are from the accounting field. It provides the fundamentals of accounting to anyone who is seeking a career in the field. It is specifically designed for students who already hold a graduate level degree outside of the commerce industry. This will enable students to learn the necessary skills to forge a path in accounting.

Master of management finance

For those seeking a managerial position in Finance, this degree is ideal. It is also ideal for anyone who is already dealing in finance and wants to learn additional skills to develop career.

Master of international business

The Master of international business degree awards students with the necessary skills and knowledge to survive in an ever evolving world of International Business.

Master of accounting

For students who have completed a graduate program, a Masters in any business courses in Melbourne, this will give them the necessary skills needed to start a career in the accounting. It is ideal for any individual who lacks work experience.

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