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Petar Ninovski, young entrepreneur from Macedonia has a vision to transform every corner of the world into an urban classroom. An excellent determination, with a justified beginning!

By launching the platform Brainster, he plans to create a marketplace for offline classes, where one can teach and learn variety of topic – from social media marketing and design, to entrepreneurship and coding.

His platform has been an inspiration to many young people in Macedonia, who have been interested in improving their skills and earn from posting offline courses.

Petar has always been interested in the educational process, how to improve and enrich it. The life-long learning process can help one’s self development, so this is why he established Brainster.  The platform is created and developed by a community of Brainsters, where everyone with valuable skills can share the knowledge through offline classes and workshops.

The ‘learning a new skill’ process will be more cool and fun because of the local experts, the non-traditional, urban ‘classrooms’ environment and the unlimited possibilities of networking.

Brainster is a marketplace for offline classes, and it offers opportunity for every qualified individual to teach and learn the most relevant skills of the 21-st century.

Brainster’s vision to transform every corner of the city into urban classroom, encourages every professional to share the knowledge. The platform will also help in the process of knowledge exchange, by making it easy and fun.

It has started to network the learning community and Skopje, Macedonia at different locations, co-working spaces, accelerators, incubators, workshops and cafeteria. It plans to be available to everyone, who wants to share and learn real-world skills while networking.  Athens, Sofia, Prishtina, Berlin and Vienna are the new places of off line courses they plan to expand.

Every local expert that has a skill to share her or his knowledge, can get in touch or directly set the course through Brainster platform.

By working hard on this business idea, sharing it with as many people as possible and succeeding in this, Peter followed his dream and make it happen.

You can contact Brainster at

You never know when your hidden teaching talent can skyrocket and make you famous, so why not posting your training right now?