The world is one family

“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” is a notion that means “the world is one family.” On this belief, the Saving Children in Poverty NGO champions various local not-for-profit projects in Faridabad, India from Perth, Australia. Let’s look at their scope of work in the social, non-profit sector:


The SCIP ECO School


The Saving Children in Poverty (SCIP) Equality, Compassion, Opportunity (ECO) School funds the free education for one hundred to two hundred children living in the Sector-Four Slum of Faridabad, India. Full-time, salaried teachers teach the students various subjects such as Math, Science, English, and Hindi. The children are so eager to learn and the SCIP ECO School continuously strives to nurture their creativity, develop their hobbies and interests, and let their personalities shine. It is a holistic not-for-profit education with a goal to create responsible and educated denizens of our future world.


The SCIP Medical Clinic


The Saving Children in Poverty (SCIP) Medical Clinic provides free and quality healthcare to the residents of the slum in Sector-Four, Faridabad. Educational health camps are also held by nurses who volunteer from around the globe and teach the residents the basics of first aid so that they can take rudimentary actions and steps in case of a medical emergency. Free eye check-up camps are also arranged for the kids so that they have a clear view of what they want from their future. The SCIP Clinic also helps the local pregnant women by taking care of them during their pregnancy and engaging in referral work in case of complications.


The SCIP Sponsorship


Every year, the Saving Children in Poverty NGO funds the education of ten children by collaborating with sponsors from around the world. It is called the Nehru Academy Sponsorship. In 2018, when they set out to fund scholarships of 10 children, they received funds for around 15 children and so many more kids were sponsored than the set target. Frances Allan and her husband, Greg Allan take care of the admin side of the work from their pockets to ensure that all the donations go directly to educating the children and that no dollar is wasted in the funnel. This level of dedication is an inspiration for others to join as well as a commendable example of leading by example.


The SCIP SEWS Women Empowerment Project


The women at the SCIP SEWS charity showed a keen interest in learning to stitch and sew. Soon enough, the founders, Frances Allan and Dr Vishy Bandhu, ensured that two full-time tailors were hired to teach the women. The old and the young women diligently sat outside the SCIP ECO School, under the shade of the trees, and began to stitch and sew. They have completed around five assignments till date, which have been sold globally on the SCIP SEWS Shopify store. 100% of the profits from the sale of garment and accessories on SCIP SEWS go back to the community projects. When you buy something from SCIP SEWs, you help these traditionally-oppressed women to break gender barriers, to be self-sufficient and to support their families financially.


Would you like to support one of the above local — or, perhaps — global projects? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts and opinions, too!


Shweta Shah has been a Writer for 30+ startups around the world. She is dedicated to the cause of kids education and making sure that people have a platform to best non-profit charity organization so that they can make a positive impact in the world. After all, she believes that we all make a life by what we give not what we get.

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