Top 5 IELTS coaching institutes in Chandigarh


Chandigarh is one of the hubs when it comes to IELTS coaching. The city houses a number of quality IELTS coaching institutes – both big and small, renowned and lesser known, etc. Thousands of students with the dream of international education throng Chandigarh in order to get IELTS coaching and all of them obviously look for best IELTS coaching in Chandigarh.

When looking for IELTS coaching in Chandigarh, you must obviously get the value for the money that you spend. It is always suggested to have a word with one of your close friends or acquaintances who has taken IELTS training earlier. In case that is not possible, here are top 5 names you can consider. These IELTS coaching institutions can be said as best based on their coaching techniques, facilities, faculty, affordability and results.


CANAM is one of the renowned companies that also provides IELTS coaching in addition to visa services. The company has decent coaching facility for IELTS coaching, with more focus towards visa services. Though the IELTS coaching provided by CANAM is great, it is always recommended to have a trial/demo class before joining. CANAM offers IELTS coaching in Chandigarh starting from INR 9,000 per month. You can also avail more affordable packages if you choose to take coaching for a longer duration, say 2-3 months.


Touchstone is another known name in Chandigarh when it comes to IELTS coaching. Touchstone Educational is located in sector 17 and has carved out a good name in IELTS coaching. The company has good faculty and infrastructure along with coaching techniques. Taking IELTS coaching at Touchstone may prove to be a bit expensive to you as it starts from INR 14,900 per month. A 2-month coaching is provided at INR 21,500!

British Council

British Counsel is one of the primary, biggest and most preferred names in IELTS coaching in Chandigarh region. British Council has good faculty, teaching facilities with great methodologies supported by great results. It is located in sector 35, Chandigarh along with many other IELTS coaching institutes. A month of 8-hour IELTS coaching at British Council may cost you somewhere around INR 17,000. If you wish to take a 2-month course, you may need to spend around INR 26,000. The company vouches for its infrastructure, faculty and great results!

Grey Matters

Grey Matters is a big name and has been associated with IELTS coaching ever since its inception. In fact, it is one of the top IELTS coaching institutes in Chandigarh. The company vouches for its great infrastructure, top-notch trained faculty and results. It is located in the heart of Chandigarh, i.e., sector 17. As Grey Matters is one of the best when it comes to IELTS coaching in Chandigarh, the prices are also on a higher side. It offers a consolidated package of 12 weeks’ coaching for around INR 36,000. In case you wish to take IELTS coaching for a shorter duration, the institute surely has those options.

Asia Pacific Group

Asia Pacific Group is located in sector 35, Chandigarh and is one of the best but lesser-known institutes when it comes to IELTS coaching. The company was established in 2009 and has been providing quality IELTS coaching ever since. The company boasts for its great results and offers far more than any other institute in Chandigarh. Asia Pacific Group provides IELTS coaching from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., which no other institute provides. Also, the company has a trained faculty with a dedicated training room. When it comes to catering to IELTS trainees, Asia Pacific Group has a lot more to offer. Trainees can even go for coaching of individual modules with special batches focusing on speaking abilities, not to mention the free demo class offered by them! One of the best offers from Asia Pacific Group is Unlimited IELTS coaching, according to which the trainee can take coaching for an unlimited time period until he/she gets the desired score. This Unlimited IELTS Coaching package is offered at INR 12,500 only and is one of the most affordable and preferred ones by IELTS trainees. The monthly fee otherwise starts from INR 10,000.

Out of the aforementioned options, we reckon Asia Pacific Group is one of the best if you wish to have value for money. Their unlimited IELTS package is highly recommended. It is highly recommended to all the IELTS aspirants to take demo classes initially and then decide their IELTS coaching institute in Chandigarh based on their pocket, location and other important factors.

We hope this list of top 5 IELTS institutes in Chandigarh with fee and course details proved to be useful to you and would help you choose the right and best IELTS coaching institute for you! We wish you good luck with your IELTS exam!

Author: Bella Cameron was born and raised in Australia. She is working as a blogger in Asia Pacific Group and assists with PTE Training material. She has also worked as an editor with leading publications in Education & Migration industry, IELTS & PTE coaching, etc. Bella enjoys reading, writing and travels the countryside when not occupied with work.



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