What to do when you need a grammar check?

At some point in time, every person has needed a grammar check.

Whether one is a student writing a paper for school, an employee writing content for an employer, or a creative writer writing content for one’s own enjoyment, at some point, everyone needs a grammar check. Even the best, most skilled writers on the planet make grammatical errors; they are simply a part of the writing process. It often takes several sets of eyes to find errors in a piece of writing, so it is important for one to get one’s writing checked after each draft and by as many people as possible.

The importance of the revision process

Any experienced writer understands just how crucial the revision process of a piece of work can be. One should never attempt to make the first draft of anything perfect; this puts too much pressure on the writer and often results in more errors than not. The first draft of any piece of writing is the writer’s opportunity to get out all of his or her ideas so that none of them will be forgotten. During this part of the process, writers can feel free to use shorthand, make scribbles, and even use spelling and grammatical errors – all will be fixed by the time the final draft is printed.

After a writer completes his or her first draft, he or she should reread it a minimum of three times. At least one of these rereads should be done out loud. By hearing the words out loud instead of simply skimming them with one’s eyes, one is more able to catch any errors that lie in the work. One might be surprised just how many one will catch; even the most skilled of writers make mistakes.

Despite the fact that a writer proofreads his or her own work, it is crucial that a third and even forth and fifth, party be consulted for another edit. After reading the same words over and over again, the mind becomes so used to them that small mistakes are difficult to see. Even if one has a degree and plenty of training in the editing field, it is always wise to ask someone else to give the work another check.

Once the revision process is completed, the writer can begin work on a second and final draft of his or her piece. Each draft of the work should be proofread along the way to prevent as many errors as possible.

Where you can find a second set of eyes?

Writers may understand the importance of editing and revising very well, but that does not mean that one has another person one would trust to look a document over. Fortunately, there are plenty of editorial websites that provide free or very low cost grammar checks.

The people performing grammar checks via online interfaces are hired to do exactly what a writer needs them to: proofread. With tons of experience and several editors looking at each piece, one can be certain that one’s work is in good hands.

No writer should ever skip the grammar check portion of the process, in the long run, these checks are more than worth the extra effort.

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