5.000 CyberLearning Scholarships

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On 3 December 2012, the National Education Foundation (NEF) CyberLearning, has announced that the initiative to provide 100% tuition scholarships to a 5,000 low and middle income individuals will be given to individuals seeking to advance their 21st century job skills.

NEF, the national non-profit leader in IT and Business online education, the winner of the Global Digital Literacy Champion Award contributes in bridging the IT and digital divides accessible. U.S. Department of Labour is supporting this initiative.

In the U.S. there are 13 million people looking for jobs and 3 million jobs looking for qualified skilled people, so this will contribute in balancing the discrepancies.

Making job skills training affordable to low and middle income individuals is one of the solution to this situation.

The 5,000 Scholarship program offers:

–        tuition-free,

–        high quality web-based IT (60 certifications), and

–        business and test preparatory courses to students, teachers, unemployed and underemployed individuals.

Each course set contains:

–        100-400 courses, each valued at $400-$800, and

–        tuition-free with nominal registration fee of $70.

Courses are created to enable learning, improve skills or receiving certification in high-demand job areas like Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, CompTia, Oracle, Office Applications, Networking, Programming, Web Design,Project Management and more.

You can check the course catalog containing 5,500 courses grouped into 65 course groups at: Catalog

Individuals may apply for the scholarship by visiting : – Scholarships

NEF CyberLearning is a project of the non-profit National Education Foundation. It is the national non-profit leader in bridging the digital and academic divides through digital education, providing IT, business, management, digital literacy, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), English and test prep education to millions of disadvantaged students and adults.

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