What exactly is a college consultant?

These times of our hectic everyday lives have generated the need for them, over 4,000 organizations of higher education use them, and almost 16 million students have put them in high demand. No, it’s not a rock group on a college tour, it’s the services of a college consultant. Getting kids ready for college in a world that is making “not going to college,” a not so wise choice requires additional assistance these days.

Many college driven students will smoothly get through the application process without the assistance of a college consultant. In addition, most will find themselves satisfied at the school they have selected. So why would anyone hire a college consultant?

What is the purpose of a College Consultant?

According to the founder of a well-known college consulting company, private college consultants can take-up some of the stress when high school counselors are overwhelmed with appointments and cannot give a student adequate individual attention. They can also help to ease the burden of parents who do not have the time or expertise to direct their children through the college admissions process. Additionally, they can take a student’s innate talent and help shape it into something motivating and appealing to admissions officers.

What is a College Consultant?

College consultants assist pre-college students to first and foremost get into the college of their choice. Many consulting companies allege to have very high success rates. Although a private consultant can help applicants produce noteworthy college applications, acceptance is not a guarantee. A college consultant will help craft an application, ensuring that it highlights the strengths of the applicant, as well as provide all of the data and paperwork required.

Furthermore, to help boost admission essays and additional application materials, college consultants may offer ACT and SAT prep and tutoring along with overall college planning help and direction. Certain consultants can even propose an inquiry of the individual’s probability of being accepted at their chosen college.

Some college consulting firms offer optional services such as interview coaching and guidance on how to conduct oneself during admissions interviews. Many college consultants have previously worked in admissions at universities, so they can really help applicants to better understand and be prepared for all of the steps of the college admissions process.

When to start using a College Consultant?

For many students, starting with a college consultant during their junior or senior year of high school is sufficient since this is the most important time for exam prep, selecting colleges, and filling out applications.

For students with heavy workloads, or those aspiring to more competitive colleges, consulting services are accessible for all four years of high school. In fact, there are even programs geared towards middle school students as well.

How much does a College Consultants cost?

There is a broad range in costs for college consultants. Hourly amounts start from $60 in undersized communities to more than $300 in metropolises like New York. The distinctions in price are frequently geographical. At times, the consulting is carried out along with a package that consists of a few years of counseling. Prices for this type of consulting range from $700 to over $6,000, with the average price settling right above $3,000.

The packages that the majority of consultants utilize may span three years of consulting and help with selecting high school classes, discovering summer prospects, researching colleges, being active in career investigation, and examining teaching styles.

Where to find a Consultant?

To locate a consultant, the International Directory of Educational Consultants is a good start. Consultants can be found by region and specialty. In addition, the Better Business Bureau is an excellent online source as well.

Who should use a College Consultant?

Ivy Select a college counseling and consulting company, has explained that, “No matter where a student falls along the academic continuum, the college match process is integral to success and happiness at the postsecondary level.” It doesn’t matter if you are working towards an Ivy League University, you have no idea what college you want to go to, or you just want some help writing good college essays, a college admissions consultant can really help any student, who wants help with guidance and direction in their college application process.

The writer of this article, Nicole, is a freelance writer who has been writing about the college application process for years.


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