GMAT Preparation: Prepare for challenge

Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is the gateway to apply for a business school all over the world.

There is no gender, age, education specification! GMAT preparation is quite different than any preparation of any other exam. Anyone across the world can apply for this test. The main objective of this test is to know whether the candidate has potential skills to adhere to the rigorous graduate management program.

This is a computer adaptive test, conducted six days a week. The candidate should take this test only once in 31 days and five times in a year. The exam measures verbal, mathematical, reasoning and analytical writing assessment ,which is also known as AWA.
The test format is something like this. There will be two essays regarding analysis of an argument and analysis of an issue. For each essay maximum time limit is 30 minutes each. After this, there is a break for 8 minutes, which is optional.

After the break comes the quantitative part, which consists of 37 questions and maximum time limit is 75 minutes. Quantitative section is divided into problem solving and data sufficiency.

Then, there is a break for 8 minutes, also optional. Next is the verbal section, which includes sentence correction, critical reasoning and reading comprehension. In this section, there will be 41 questions and the maximum time limit is 75 minutes and the last one in integrated reasoning section which consists of 12 questions which need to be answered within 30 minutes.
GMAT test differs from any other exam, mainly because there will be only one question on the screen. It begins with a question of average difficulty and if you answer it right, the next question will be more difficult and if the answer is wrong then you will get slightly easier one. The third question will be based on your second answer. Correct answer to difficult question is more rewarding than answering easier one.

The score of this test will help you to differentiate from other applicants. GMAT preparation requires lot of practice and continuous hard work. You should devote 2-3 months for the preparation, and it is the quality of preparation that matters than quantity. As a first step of preparation you can go to GMAT site and download test preparation software for free. Taking this test will let you know where you stand.

Take plenty of mock tests and analyze your result. Analysis of the test will tell you which section you need to concentrate more. Upon this you should focus on the weaker section.

When you take the test try to take the full length test. This will let you know how the exam is going to be. It is also good to join a forum or group of aspiring GMAT takers where you can discuss about your doubt, ask any questions etc. To get a good score for this test you need three things: perseverance, endurance and consistency.

However, the challenge itself can motivate you for more endeavors.

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About the Author:
The article is contributed by Amritpal Singh, who is working in Crackverbal, as an Internet marketing Expert. CrackVerbal is the 1st institute in India to recognize the distinctive needs and challenges of the Indian student, where English is not Indian native language. With years spent in extensive research on how students have scored high on the GMAT (750 and above), we device specific strategies and patterns to train the students.