Can you make big bucks with biology?

So, you have graduated high school and now it’s time to take that big step and go to college.

Where do you go? What should you study? Do you go to community college or take online classes? It’s a tough decision and it can seem overwhelming. While you don’t really have to know everything up front, eventually you will have to decide what you want to do. Researching degrees and careers beforehand can help you out. We have looked at degrees in botany and zoology. Now let’s look at jobs with a degree in biology.

Often a degree in biology will lead you to specialize in a particular branch that opens up specific types of careers. Careers can range anywhere from education, research and even sales. Most students go on to earn an advance degree but this is not always necessary and experience can go a long way. Here are some options.

Research and production

Research at universities, medical institutes and large corporations is often a good career path for people with a degree in biology. An undergraduate degree will often see you working as a lab technician under the direction of somebody with a more advanced degree. You might be responsible for caring for animals, maintaining or operating equipment, supervising students, gathering data or even maintaining supplies. Private sector work often includes research into marketable products or monitoring the safety, effectiveness and reliability of products. University work would be more research oriented under the guidance of a professor while government work may find you working for various departments.

Field work

Field work is a career path your online degree can open up for you as well. Many people enjoy it because it allows them to escape the lab and get out into the wild. You might specialize in wildlife, conservation, agriculture, observing animals, or collecting specimens. Your travels may take you all over the state, country, or even the world and expose you to all sorts of terrains and weather. You might be alone for days at a time or you will most likely be working with a small team under the direction of someone else.


Another job using online courses is teaching biology. Somebody gave you this information and now it’s time to give back. While you will need to get certified to teach, a bachelor’s degree in biology can allow you to teach at the junior high or high school level. You might also get a job teaching at a museum of natural science or a historic farm site. You would serve more as a public educator or tour guide then teacher. You could also work for a government garden or conservatory. If you wanted to teach on a higher level you would need a master or PhD. Under this role you would not only teach classes but oversee research for the university. These jobs can be a bit of a competition as you will be competing for grants and funds with other programs. Finally, you would be in charge of writing up research findings for publication and you may even be asked to go on tour and speak about them.

Of course, this is just one degree plan option. There are literally dozens of diffferent degres to choose from some are even online degrees at places like

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