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The future of IT: facts, careers and benefits

Nowadays, it seems like a career gold is to be found – not in the hills, but in the valley – Silicon Valley, that is!! In our highly dynamic, globalized post-NAFTA economy, it seems that “traditional” IT jobs are not what they used to be. If corporations can outsource it overseas or automate it to a…


Can you make big bucks with biology?

So, you have graduated high school and now it’s time to take that big step and go to college. Where do you go? What should you study? Do you go to community college or take online classes? It’s a tough decision and it can seem overwhelming. While you don’t really have to know everything up…


Jobs with a communication degree

With the economy still struggling to recover many people are taking the time to either go to college for the first time or return to earn an advanced degree. While times are tough, a college degree can still take you far in life and open up all sorts of career opportunities. That being said, with…