Career opportunities in retail management

Retail management is an apt career option for those who feel interested in marketing research, campaigning, business diversification and commodities. With opportunities available with a wide range of companies and functional areas, retail management is an emerging career option for young professionals. Read on the following article to know more about the field…

The concept of shopping has evolved with time. With the rapid urbanization, huge shopping complexes, shopping malls and retail stores have also increased in number, thus giving a boost to the retail sector in the global economy. With an increase in the shopping habits of the customers, the demand for retail management professionals is also increasing. Students who pursue an MBA in retail management find more acceptability in the industry where they are required to handle a wide range of administration task involved in stores, malls and retail houses.

Retail industry is a vibrant and rapidly growing industry in the world, which is emerging a preferred career option among students. Moreover, it is one industry, which looks for skilled employees at all levels. Here we discuss the much needed information on the job prospects and educational requirements in retail management.

Job prospects

Students who hold an MBA degree in retail management or any other diploma course in retail management can find several job avenues, such as:

  • Customer Sales Associate
  • Store Manger
  • Floor/Department Manger
  • Retail Operations Manger
  • Merchandisers
  • Retail Marketing Executives
  • Retail communication Manager

A retail management course can land you to the different career options such as supply chain, store management and mall management. Retail businesses can usually be classified on the basis of product lines, size, and services offered. Depending on these parameters, retail business and employment opportunities are available in chain stores, specialty stores, furnishing household appliances, discount stores, and groceries stores.

Take a look at some of the popular career options in retail management:

  • Store Manager: Also known as Store Director or Store managers, these professionals are involved in managing and coordinating the routine work of retail stores.
  • Customer Sales Associate: Though it is an entry level job in retail, most of the business depends on the sales skill of these professionals. The candidate with a good knowledge of customer dealing, products and trends can take up this job.
  • Retail Operations Manager: These professionals are responsible for planning and coordinating the operations work of an outlet. A Master’s degree in retail management can offer a managerial post to monitor retail orders and analyze supply.
  • Floor/Department Manager: Other job opportunities in retail are available as floor, category or department manager. These professionals are responsible for handling the entire activities of the store. 

Educational and eligibility requirement

Students willing to pursue a career in retail management can find several colleges that offer a wide range of retail management courses such as Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management, B.Sc. in Fashion Merchandising and MBA in retail management. Students with a high school or graduation degree are eligible to apply for the different diploma, bachelor and certificate courses in retail management.

The courses offered in retail management cover a wide area of topics such as marketing strategy, business mathematics, customer relationship, retail communication, visual merchandising and retail buying.

Skills required

Dedicated and talented people find their way to the career in retail industry. However, in order to find a successful career in the field, it is imperative to possess certain important skills such as leadership qualities, communication skills, people interaction, and positive attitude, problem solving skills, analytical skills, and self-confidence.

Since the different job roles in the industry revolve around customer service, the aspiring candidate should be good at interpersonal skills, neat appearance, commercial awareness, time management, patience, and tactful. It is one of the best career options to utilize your creativity and enthusiasm.

So, gear up to pursue a lucrative career in retail management!

About the Author: Swati Srivastava is a prolific writer with a rich experience in writing content for various leading educational websites. The above article discusses the career opportunities in retail management.

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