The Art of Binca

What is Binca? Binca is the most popularly used cross stitch used by children in schools. The most common type is 6 count Binca, which consists 6 holes per inch. Because of this, it’s possible to make use of safety needles, making it perfect for kids.

Binca is also ideal for children because it’s easy for them to see and because the stitches stay very even and accurate with little difficulty. If you are looking for a way to introduce your kids to an easy cross-stitching activity, Binca is an excellent option.

The graphic below displays a simple guide for how to Binca. The process begins by using a soft pencil to sketch out the image to be embroidered before threading the needle and creating the final design.

After creating simple designs, it is relatively easy to teach children to create more complex designs. Binca is ideal for introducing kids to arts and crafts and igniting the imagination and creativity.

Original source – How to binca?


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