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With the economy still struggling to recover many people are taking the time to either go to college for the first time or return to earn an advanced degree. While times are tough, a college degree can still take you far in life and open up all sorts of career opportunities. That being said, with so many options available, choosing a degree is not always easy, doing your research beforehand can help you in the long run. We have looked at jobs with degrees in history and journalism, now let’s look at jobs with a degree in communications.

First of all, what is communications? Communication majors will take classes that study how language can influence people and spread ideas. It generally involves a wide range of classes that can include English, journalism, marketing, and even public speaking. Common skills needed include writing, verbal and oratory skills. Due to its diverse studies a degree in communications can qualify you for many different careers. Here are some.

Technical writer

Good technical writers are in high demand and many colleges offer certification in technical writing. You would use your communication skills to write various pieces, including newsletters, reports, and instruction manuals. Your job is to take complex, industry specific information, and craft it in a way that is accessible to a wider audience. For instance you might write a training manual about how to use new software program or operate a machine. You may also work with a graphic designer to come up with illustrations or diagrams.

Public Relations

A communications degree can also qualify you for a job in public relations. You could work for a large company or you may work freelance as a consultant. You would be in charge of creating positive media buzz and consumer excitement about a company or a product. You would also have a say in how to properly craft the company’s image. Duties may include writing press releases and working with various media outlets. You may also work for an individual person. Many celebrities hire a publicist to shape and craft their image, as well as handle media inquiries.


Somebody taught you and maybe you want to pass your knowledge on to others, Depending on experience you could teach classes in communications, public relations or even subjects such as journalism or even broadcasting. You will have to get certified to teach and if you want to teach on the college level then you will need to get a masters or even a doctoral degree. Many people find teaching to be very rewarding and you do get holidays and summers off.


If you really want to do journalism then you should probably major in it but that being said, a communications degree can qualify for you a career in journalism. While it is a very competitive market common jobs include writer, copy editor, feature editor, or even an executive editor. Outlets include newspapers, magazines, and online media companies.

Of course this is just one of many degrees to choose from. If you don’t like communications there are plenty of other degrees, some even online such as

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