4 tips for online math lessons

4 Important tips for online math lessons
4 tips for online math lessons Teaching math is one of the most challenging educational jobs. It’s not the same as English, or History. Why? Because it’s not that simple for a student to understand and apply the principles explained! Unlike many other education classes, learning math takes more than just few letters written on a white-board and a good memory… Today we’ll cover few important tips that’ll help you improve your teaching style, making you a more efficient math teacher.

 Make them understand the reasons behind

It’s critical to make your students understand why it’s important for them to learn a specific formula or principle. Try to find some incentive examples that would make them understand where they can apply what they learn at your class. For example, it may help them at a science, or a physics class. It can also help them protect themselves later in life from being scammed by other people. Make sure that you link whatever you teach to some other useful practice. Another good tip would be to link your teachings to real life applicable examples. Every person, young or old, will encounter probabilities. Be it in the stock market, gambling, or playing poker with friends…all of these activities require math. Here’re four examples that can help your students understand the why behind math:
  • Managing their personal finances during life;
  • Figuring out how fast you need to travel in order to reach a certain destination;
  • Deciding which products to buy by comparing them accordingly;
  • Determining how much to tip a waitress at a restaurant.
The moment they understand why it’s beneficial to them, the moment they’ll start to be more cooperative and willing to work harder.

Interesting and fun teaching

Math is already complicated, you don’t have to make it worse by sending bad vibes to your students. Instead, you need to figure out a way to make them enjoy the process. When the students love your style, they will be more willing to accept and work harder on your discipline.
  • Reward them appropriately. This takes some effort, as you have to understand the things they desire. Once they perform well, give them a reward. It can be small things. It doesn’t matter, as long as they see that you care.
  • Set examples and motivate them: Find a successful person that has been where they are and they’ve excelled at it. The power of example is great, especially among students!
  • Give a background of the person who invented a specific algorithm/formula. Show your students the extraordinary man behind, and they’ll be more likely to gain some interest.

 Teach them how to learn by visualizing

Math is easier if it’s visualised properly. The problem solving implies more factors, and taking advantage of colours and visual images makes a student comprehend and excel at solving complicated problems. As you can see in the image, the letters have different colours according to their meaning. So, the next time you find a complicated problem that your students don’t really understand, make it easier for them by using colours when representing the exercise. If you are teaching online, you want your students to get access to the best visual content possible. In order to do that, you need to plan ahead your teaching session and prepare some valuable materials that will help them picture things in their mind. A simple google search will provide you with enough images and videos that you can transmit to your students along with your teaching course.

Teaching math facts the right way

Math facts are the foundation of math learning. Without them, it’s impossible to advance with your teachings. That is why you need to teach your students the appropriate ways to memorise and use them. This is not an easy process, but these tips might help you:
  • Teach a limited number of facts at a time. If you overwhelm your students they’ll have a harder time memorising the facts.
  • Teach new facts only after they’ve fully memorised and understood the previous ones. This is so essential!
  • Encourage daily practice. This means making your students understand that little effort each day can help their memorizing process.
  • After they memorised a specific math fact, your next lessons should include problem solving with the learned math fact. Exercises complete the learning process.


As you gain experience in teaching, you will begin to understand students better. There are certain patterns that students exhibit when they encounter problems at this discipline. Your job is to figure out these patterns and find productive ways to help your students overcome them. It is good to see on help resources for students (for example scholaradvisor.com) the most common difficulties they face with during studying. You can see it this way: the more you work on your teaching methods, the more success you’ll have when teaching young ones understand this complicated, but wonderful discipline. Learning is not just for students, it’s for us all, and we should continue to improve ourselves if we want to improve others. Author: Colin Christensen

e-learning v.s. hybrid

e-learning v.s. hybrid hybrid or e-learning, or maybe blended… difficult to decide!! Probably a lot of you are wandering whether the wave of online courses and education will benefit your future and what is the best possible way to use them. Here is an explanation of three type of learning: 1. Web-enhanced courses Face-to-face courses have a presence in the learning management system and Blackboard. They have web accessible materials: syllabus, readings, discussion questions, quizzes, etc., add the face-to-face class experience and are nice ways to web-enhance your course for students. Continue reading “e-learning v.s. hybrid”

Online education – your best option

open edu resources
Online education - your best option Thankfully more and more people are able to pursue a path in higher education in modern times, allowing them to develop their skills and knowledge and follow a career path that is best suited to them.  Undergoing a course at a conventional education institute has many benefits of its own, but it can often be inconvenient for people who do not want to relocate to a new place or if they have pressing work commitments.  Conventional education courses require you to physically visit the campus at certain times every week, something that people with regular jobs they need to support themselves cannot do.  Online education allows you to progress on your course without actually having to be in a certain location at specific times. There are also many other excellent benefits to online education courses, which are explored in more detail below. Continue reading “Online education – your best option”

Education leads to freedom-continue learning

Great scholarship opportunities for students in 2016
Great scholarship opportunities for students in 2016   There are many things in life that I care about, but there are also a few things that I get passionate about enough, to write about to people I don’t know. One of the things that I just can not talk enough about is education as I believe that everyone who lives in the Western countries needs to understand the absolute privilege and value of education. I became passionate about education when I lived close to a family growing up their children and was not able to afford having their. I had no idea of the reasons why or even the legal ramifications of the situation. I just know that they did not go and that they never learned how to read or write. I remember feeling really sad about this, because I didn’t understand why I got to attend school and learn all these things when they couldn’t. And sad because I knew somehow that their lives would be very different than mine because they did not have the opportunity for an education. Continue reading “Education leads to freedom-continue learning”

Why would you choose online course for a teenager?

teenager-studying Online studies are getting more interesting for younger population. There are several things you should consider when deciding why to recommend online course to a teenager. 1. Accessibility: The young generations just love to be around the latest technologies. They have their little and big chats, games and different staff they exchange among themselves: music files, movies, some interesting funny (or not so funny) stories and photos…the list goes endlessly. While they are already familiar with the manner of using the technology itself, why don’t you make them try some of the online courses that will increase their knowledge on the current subject they have at school. These are some of the links where you can find convenient colleges for your teenagers: Continue reading “Why would you choose online course for a teenager?”

Online business education courses

business-education An education in business can be extremely beneficial. There are many opportunities in the business world and having the proper education is essential in order to compete. Online training courses offer a great way to achieve a degree in business from the comfort of the home. In addition, Internet courses offer the convenience of being able to complete the course during any available free time in any location. Business Education Courses Business education courses are perfect for anyone. These courses can be implemented into any type of work environment that a person may be in. There are courses in areas like management that will help a person develop skills in effective communication, motivating team members, and managing the company correctly. Other online courses that should be considered are leadership courses, sales training, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship, business planning, and strategy planning. There are many other types of courses that can be found on the Internet, as well. When considering an online business course, it is important to choose the courses based on the skills needed for the particular job you have or are interested in. Individuals who want to move up in the company, will want to take management and leaderships courses to hone their skills, so they are better equipped to achieve promotions. What do Online Courses consist of? Many online training courses are very similar to attending courses at a university. The difference is that a person does not actually attend classes, but rather logs into an account to access the information from the course. There is information to read and projects to do. Typically, there is a forum for the student to ask questions. There are quizzes and tests available in these online courses as well. The main benefit of an online course is that a person will be able to complete the assignments during their spare time. Typically, an Internet course can be completed much faster as there are no classes to attend. Overall, education is extremely important for everybody who wants to further improve themselves in the field of business. There are many online courses available that can help an individual achieve their goals, but what you have to have in mind is that these courses will take time and effort, and should not be taken for granted. There might be a financial investment necessary to be made. What is worth to remember is that these courses are well worth the above, as they will help a person achieve success in the long run. Author: Katherine Flowers does research and analysis for CCIQ on trends and technology affecting various concepts of business networking and practices in Brisbane.
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Are you online education person?

Are you online education person?

We live in the information age, growing accustomed to information at the speed of light that the prospect of not having immediate access to countless numbers of facts and figures with a single click of a few buttons for many of us is simply disconcerting. For these reasons, it only makes sense that there are many people around the world that are embracing the idea of online learning and educational opportunities, with every ounce of enthusiasm they can muster. You have to aware that there are equal numbers of people around the world who are trying desperately to hold on to traditional methods of dealing with certain things. Some people actually still play solitaire with a real deck of playing cards, not on screen. For people who feel that the information age has left them behind to some degree, the chances are quite good that online learning may not be the best available option. Below are few questions which can help you decide whether or not you would truly benefit by taking some of the many online courses offered in today’s information age of learning. Continue reading “Are you online education person?”

10 Reasons online school is better for your future

10 Reasons online school is better for your future If you are thinking about taking college classes to better your future, but aren’t sure you have the time, you should probably consider enrolling to online courses. Taking online classes will ensure your success in the future, as you can study on your own time at your own pace. They also prepare you for jobs that are becoming more and more web-based dependent. So, getting your degree online as opposed to a traditional campus is just better. Here are ten reasons why: Continue reading “10 Reasons online school is better for your future”

Online education financial plan

Online education financial plan Upgrading your skills and knowledge is always a good thing to do. The more knowledge you acquire, the better off you can be in life. It’s all about learning more, getting better skills, upgrading your knowledge. You are more desirable to companies if you obtain higher quality education or if you have extraordinary unique skills. Besides this, there are other reasons to acquire knowledge. The skills you can get from the online education courses , lectures, university degrees can help you in everyday life. If you have stable Internet connection and a computer, you are on a good way to fulfill these wishes. However, there are cases when you can not get the desired knowledge , but you will need to spend the money you saved for “rainy days”. Continue reading “Online education financial plan”

Adult continuing education can improve their well being

Adult continuing education can improve their well being Adult continuing education is very practical and easy going. Seniors students have several advantages over children: better memory (truly!), experience and fewer distractions 1. Better memory Doctors thought that you could not grow new brain cells, so as old cells died you became more stupid? –Wrong. They now know that the more adult continuing the education, the more new brain cells you get. You can even delay Alzheimer’s disease by keeping your brain active and continue learning. But then you will say – old people keep forgetting things! That is a fact, because what you remember best are startling, new, shocking and thrilling things. To an old person it is a case of “been there, done that” – so there is nothing new or shocking. Continue reading “Adult continuing education can improve their well being”

Is online education right for you?

Is online education right for you? Most probably the greatest benefit of online education is the incredible convenience that it offers: you can do your schoolwork and studying based on your schedule, no more 8:00 a.m. classes, no more 4-hour lectures. This has huge implications for students who have jobs, a family to take care of, or both. So, instead of trying to juggle your classes around a 9-to-5 job or your son’s soccer practice, distance learning gives you the flexibility to take your classes when you can fit them in. Earning a degree through online education brings many advantages, but still you may not suit for this type of education mode. If you want to check if the e-learning is not right for you or not, go through the following points below: Continue reading “Is online education right for you?”

What is good and what is bed education practice?

What is good and what is bed education practice? Online education is transitioning as time passes and more and more people are finding it a beneficial avenue to enhance and expand one’s education. This is because online education is more in tune with the needs of those who have other commitments such as jobs, homes and families. The ability to seek out and receive an online education at your convenience is truly what has prompted the surge in offerings and thus one who is exploring online options needs to understand how to best compare and vet all of those offerings out there so the right program is chosen from the start.

Review are key

One first and crucial step in better understanding whether an online educational program is right for you or not is to read about the thoughts and opinions others have in regards to the program itself. The best reviews are those located at independent sites, are unedited and have a first-hand look in to the program, classes and other criteria of the program itself. Though one needs to take both overtly good and bad experiences with a grain of salt, you will be able to get a good feel for how others view the program and thus help determine if the option is right for you.

Courses and classes that matter

A different way to access an online education outlet is to look through the offerings. This is crucial because if the program is one that is meant for you and you have very specific educational needs; you will want to ensure the classes and courses offered are those that will be beneficial to you in the long run. This means that if you are seeking to expand your education in the field of business and the one educational outlet you look at only offers classes in culinary arts; that would not be the right place for you and your educational needs.

Recognition and acceptance

Though more and more employers and even traditional educational institutions are becoming more accepting of online based and acquired education, hesitation still exists and thus you need to explore this stigma. You will want to narrow down your list of online options and then make a few calls or inquiries to employers and other colleges to ask their opinion about the programs you are considering. This manual and hand on approach truly can yield great information and potentially save you time and money when you get down to the heart of the matter and determine which offerings are considered good or bad by those whose opinions truly do matter. A little legwork and due diligence on your part can make a big difference when it comes to choosing the right program for your own personal and professional goals. Knowing the right online education to partake in is a fascinating journey; however, it is one that deserves time, attention and thought before proceeding so that you choose the right place and make sure it is one that is recognized, accepted, trusted and respected. Author: Today’s guest post was contributed by John Monts, blogger for www.2-Year-Degree.com. John is currently a student at UC Davis, studying Political Science and Economics.
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350 000 students in only 3 free online course

In 2011, Stanford University offered 3 online courses, which anyone in the world could enroll in and take without having to pay anything. These three courses had enrollments of around 350,000 students, which is making them one of the largest experiments in the online education ever. Ever since the beginning of 2012, the effort has transitioned into Coursera, a social entrepreneurship company whose mission is to make high-quality education accessible to everyone for free.
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The future of education is online and the future is now!

We are experiencing a trend of having the traditional education disruption by the emerging online education institutions and online available resources.

65% of college and universities say that online courses are a critical part of their long-term strategy and it is clear that this trend is affecting the main stream population of college and university students as 31% of them are taking at least one course online.

New technology is supporting online education adoption and enabling its spreading and implementation to be very effective.This is why online classes have recorded enrollment of over 6.1 million students in at least one online course.

More interesting details can be seen below: Continue reading “The future of education is online and the future is now!”

Am I the online school person?

Am I the online school person? After secondary school there are many ways to continue your education and alternative ways to get your high school diploma. The popular choice for people who are on the go are the online educational courses, MOOCs and blended learning. In this way not only that you can you make your own schedule, but you will not have to get out of your pajamas to take your algebra class. However online education is not for everyone. The infographic below gives you the pros and cons of getting an education online:
Is Online Learning Right for Me?
Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.
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