What is wrong with online learning?

When it’s time for students to head off to college, it may be as simple as heading to the next room and sitting down at the computer. With the explosion of online learning opportunities on the Internet, many students are opting for this form of distance learning. It appeals to adults who are looking for a new direction in life and for young people who have other obligations that make a traditional campus impractical. Learning from a remote location isn’t a new concept. Years ago, it began with correspondence schools as students earned their degree through the mail. Eventually, radio and television got in on the act. However, it is the computer age that has truly made online learning blossom.

Online learning means easy access to learning

Many people are jumping on the opportunity to take classes online. It’s even happening at the grade school and high school levels as students choose home schooling. They have flexibility in their schedules and more options when it comes to classes. Many feel that they get more individualized instruction as well. For college students, online classes are more affordable than the traditional campus. Students are not restricted to taking classes at a certain time and place. They can get on their laptop no matter where they are and take a course. It might be midnight or four in the morning. For the parent who is trying to juggle work and family, taking classes online may be the only practical way to earn a degree. There are also more choices when it comes to courses that are offered on the Internet. Students can type in any subject area of interest and a list of course offerings is at their fingertips.

What’s wrong with online learning?

As students jump on the bandwagon of online learning, they need to take heed. First, it’s important to make sure the school is legitimate. Also, it will take dedication in order to complete studies at home. It is much easier to become distracted when students do not need to face a professor on a regular basis in the classroom. Also, take into consideration that many people still want human contact.


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