If you want to “nail” your TOEFL exam prepare it online

If You Want To Nail Your TOEFL Exam - Prepare itOnline
If you want to The TOEFL is a standardised English language test to help foreign students realising their academic goals. The test itself is a tool that reinforces one’s desire to learn something in a foreign language which can sometimes represent a big obstacle because of a language barrier. For some, learning a new language is something they can struggle with all throughout their life. The test helps alleviating those doubts by preparing the student for a level of English they would meet once their education started. It is important that the student figures out where they stand from a language standpoint beforehand and if there are any problems they need to be resolved. This is logical; as they would not have enough time to progress with the language once the classes start. All in all, the TOEFL is a great help for not just the students, but the establishments as well, allowing them to focus on those who have the highest chance of successfully completing the courses based on their academic merits. The preparation process At one point the TOEFL was a strictly paper-based test where the students had to sit in and complete it within a certain amount of time. That second part hasn’t really changed, but it’s very rare to find paper-based tests these days. Some country and some establishment still do it, but the vast majority of the tests are filled out on a computer. That is the platform where the students receive all four major sections of their exam, listening, reading, speaking and writing. The online TOEFL preparation is a big part of the equation, one that should never be taken lightly. Which site to choose? There are dozens of TOEFL sites out there that promise to offer the students’ relevant test material and a similar online environment that’s supposed to simulate the real thing. There are quality sites that actually offer some version of a free online TOEFL practice test as well. The registration is relatively easy; the student usually needs to enter a username and a working e-mail address before starting out. Most sites offer a limited number of tries before charging something, usually a relatively small fee. Some sites worth that fee some do not. As often is the case, it is important to distinguish. The best way of getting some valuable information about those sites is visiting different TOEFL forums where the students share their experiences about online TOEFL preparation. Nothing can beat that valuable first-hand info because it reflects on the actual quality of those sites and the information they provide in their tests. A site with outdated tests will quickly develop a bad reputation and vice-versa. Nothing can beat first-hand experience and the best place to find that on the internet is a subject-specific forum. Interactive helps If possible, finding a site that does something differently, possibly in a more interactive manner can be key for some. Most people actually prefer to learn that way, even if they don’t realise it. Those methods are extremely effective because the subject can learn without actually feeling the weight of the process, something many struggle with. Usually when they know that we have to acquire certain knowledge within a limited time period, people struggle with putting in enough effort. Their attention slips away and they are left with a vast and probably dry material and very little time to learn it. With an interactive site that offers a quality free online TOEFL practice test, it can all be quite different. Use several sites for the different sections Remember, the TOEFL test itself incorporates four different task types that are called “sections”. Those four are listening, reading, speaking and writing. When searching for the relevant material, one has to realise that a site can offer valuable test samples for one of those while not really giving any relevant material on the others. Personal preference obviously plays a huge part in all that. One usually has to have a positive opinion about a method or material in order to be able to learn it effortlessly. If we don’t believe a material to be good, chances are that we won’t be able to learn it in a way that will help us out during the examination. Finding quality material of course is extremely important, but finding one that appeals to our perception can turn out to be just as valuable. Whichever one chooses, there are other steps Regardless of the selected site and material, one can take other measures in order to ensure ending up with the best score possible. One of those steps is trying to think in English. What may sound far-fetched at first, will actually start to make sense, as soon as the preparation starts. The truth is that we all think in our mother tongue unless we purposely challenge our brain to do it in a different language. In the case of the TOEFL, this language is the English language which is great for several reasons and with that we can hop onto the next examples. Music and movies There are no better ways to create an effortless learning process than taking advantage of our love towards movies and music. Most of us love those activities. They challenge our brain in a way that regular material never could, not unless someone really likes to learn in the traditional way, which let’s be honest, is not that common. By listening to an American or other English speaking movie or some music, we will be able to improve all four elements of our language knowledge, which will almost surely pay dividends during the exam. Author Bio: James Liu connected with TOEFL Network at Richmond based Institute of education. This is online TOEFL e-learning website, offering iBT TOEFL practices and teaching materials for students to prepare for TOEFL test.  

Why should you learn Chinese?

Why should you learn Chinese? China is a country that is emerging as one of the strongest global economy in the last two decade and is the world’s biggest holder of foreign exchange reserves with the reserves touching $3.0447 trillion US in March 2011. Many countries around the world are interested in business with China and are actively involved in learning Chinese language to understand and enhance the business opportunities. Continue reading “Why should you learn Chinese?”

Language speed

In you want to know why some languages sound like they are spoken much faster than others this infographics will give you the answer. Sofya Yampolsky created this infographics based on the Universite de Lyon research, whose students wanted to explain the speed of language phenomenon! The Speed of Language
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What is IT training?

What is IT training? It seems like such a simple question to answer, doesn’t it?  But if you ask a random group of people what their definition of IT training is, you will actually broadly get two different options.  Interestingly, neither one of these answers is wrong.  However, it demonstrates the importance of making sure that you explain exactly what you mean when you talk about IT training. Continue reading “What is IT training?”

Why colleges should keep ESL courses?

ESL For years, English language courses have had an important role in colleges and universities. Today, some schools have started referring to ESL students as non-native speakers of English instead. In any case, several reasons exist as to why colleges should keep these English language courses. Continue reading “Why colleges should keep ESL courses?”

TED on e-learning

ted TED is a non-profit devoted to -Ideas Worth Spreading-. Started in 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: technology, entertainment, and design has notes an extraordinary popularity and attracted millions of audiences. It is owned by The Sapling Foundation, a private nonprofit foundation, established in 1996 by Chris Anderson, who was at that time a magazine publishing entrepreneur. Along with two annual conferences: TED Conference in Long Beach and Palm Springs each spring, and the TED Global conference in Edinburgh UK each summer, TED includes the award-winning TED Talks video site, the Open Translation Project and TED Conversations, the inspiring TED Fellows and TEDx programs, and the annual TED Prize. TED as a global and growing community with New York and Vancouver head offices, is of collaborative nature attracting advisors and contributors worldwide. They work with TED to shape TED conferences, TED Prize and TED website. The goal of the foundation is to foster the spread of great ideas, by aiming to provide a platform for the world’s smartest thinkers, greatest visionaries and most-inspiring teachers. With this millions of people can gain a better understanding of the biggest issues faced by the world, and a desire to help create a better future. The essence of this initiative is the goal to believe that there is no greater force for changing the world than a powerful idea. In this sense consider: – An idea can be created out of nothing except an inspired imagination. – An idea weighs nothing. – It can be transferred across the world at the speed of light for virtually zero cost. – And yet an idea, when received by a prepared mind, can have extraordinary impact. – It can reshape that mind’s view of the world. – It can dramatically alter the behavior of the mind’s owner. – It can cause the mind to pass on the idea to others. Many inspirational speeches and presentations from leading minds in the world have presented their passions, experiences and knowledge at TED Here are some interesting posts on online education: Richard Baraniuk on open-source learning Advice to young scientist Saving life on Earth Self organizing computer course Cousera – What we are learning from online education Massive scale online collaboration How we learn 100,000 student classroom Web’s secret stories … but you can always check by yourself and refine your search further.

1.4 billion students on Earth

According to the recent Microsoft survey there are 1.4 billion students on planet Earth out of which 1.23 billion go in pre-k to high school and 170 million attend higher education. On a global level there are 65.2 million educators – 9.2 million in higher education and 56  million in pre-k to high school. For having a better overview what the figure of 1.4 billion students means, let me remind you that the world population is around 7.1 billion people. Here is the Microsoft latest overview of the world statistics: width= Continue reading “1.4 billion students on Earth”

Students’ sexual education courses

 src= The latest online sexual education study of a group of 138 students in IX grade were interviewed for a survey, that was conveyed by the University of Toronto, University of Ottawa, Yale University and colleagues in South America regarding the one semester-long course affiliated with Planned Parenthood International. Continue reading “Students’ sexual education courses”

Professors set prices for the online courses

Professors set prices for the online courses Most of the time professors do not worry about what price point a course will sell at, or what amenities might attract a student to pick one course over another. However, the recently created new online platform, Professor Direct, lets instructors determine: how much they will charge for a courses, how much time they want to devote to services like office hours, online tutorials, and responding to students’ e-mails. Continue reading “Professors set prices for the online courses”

Top 3 benefits of online CNA training

CNA - nursing
CNA - nursing   The medical field is growing and there are plenty of jobs available in the field for anyone who is interested in either getting into a new career field or expanding their career. One of the popular careers in the medical field is nursing. There are many areas in nursing, including a certified nurse assistant. Although many people are interested in going back to school, attending a traditional school setting is difficult for many these days. Continue reading “Top 3 benefits of online CNA training”

What exactly is a college consultant?

What exactly is a college consultant? These times of our hectic everyday lives have generated the need for them, over 4,000 organizations of higher education use them, and almost 16 million students have put them in high demand. No, it’s not a rock group on a college tour, it’s the services of a college consultant. Getting kids ready for college in a world that is making “not going to college,” a not so wise choice requires additional assistance these days. Many college driven students will smoothly get through the application process without the assistance of a college consultant. In addition, most will find themselves satisfied at the school they have selected. So why would anyone hire a college consultant?

What is the purpose of a College Consultant?

According to the founder of a well-known college consulting company, private college consultants can take-up some of the stress when high school counselors are overwhelmed with appointments and cannot give a student adequate individual attention. They can also help to ease the burden of parents who do not have the time or expertise to direct their children through the college admissions process. Additionally, they can take a student’s innate talent and help shape it into something motivating and appealing to admissions officers.

What is a College Consultant?

College consultants assist pre-college students to first and foremost get into the college of their choice. Many consulting companies allege to have very high success rates. Although a private consultant can help applicants produce noteworthy college applications, acceptance is not a guarantee. A college consultant will help craft an application, ensuring that it highlights the strengths of the applicant, as well as provide all of the data and paperwork required. Furthermore, to help boost admission essays and additional application materials, college consultants may offer ACT and SAT prep and tutoring along with overall college planning help and direction. Certain consultants can even propose an inquiry of the individual’s probability of being accepted at their chosen college. Some college consulting firms offer optional services such as interview coaching and guidance on how to conduct oneself during admissions interviews. Many college consultants have previously worked in admissions at universities, so they can really help applicants to better understand and be prepared for all of the steps of the college admissions process.

When to start using a College Consultant?

For many students, starting with a college consultant during their junior or senior year of high school is sufficient since this is the most important time for exam prep, selecting colleges, and filling out applications. For students with heavy workloads, or those aspiring to more competitive colleges, consulting services are accessible for all four years of high school. In fact, there are even programs geared towards middle school students as well.

How much does a College Consultants cost?

There is a broad range in costs for college consultants. Hourly amounts start from $60 in undersized communities to more than $300 in metropolises like New York. The distinctions in price are frequently geographical. At times, the consulting is carried out along with a package that consists of a few years of counseling. Prices for this type of consulting range from $700 to over $6,000, with the average price settling right above $3,000. The packages that the majority of consultants utilize may span three years of consulting and help with selecting high school classes, discovering summer prospects, researching colleges, being active in career investigation, and examining teaching styles.

Where to find a Consultant?

To locate a consultant, the International Directory of Educational Consultants is a good start. Consultants can be found by region and specialty. In addition, the Better Business Bureau is an excellent online source as well.

Who should use a College Consultant?

Ivy Select a college counseling and consulting company, has explained that, “No matter where a student falls along the academic continuum, the college match process is integral to success and happiness at the postsecondary level.” It doesn’t matter if you are working towards an Ivy League University, you have no idea what college you want to go to, or you just want some help writing good college essays, a college admissions consultant can really help any student, who wants help with guidance and direction in their college application process. The writer of this article, Nicole, is a freelance writer who has been writing about the college application process for years.  

GMAT Preparation: Prepare for challenge

GMAT Preparation: Prepare for challenge Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is the gateway to apply for a business school all over the world. There is no gender, age, education specification! GMAT preparation is quite different than any preparation of any other exam. Anyone across the world can apply for this test. The main objective of this test is to know whether the candidate has potential skills to adhere to the rigorous graduate management program. Continue reading “GMAT Preparation: Prepare for challenge”

Which Oracle certification is right for you?

Oracle-academy Oracle certifications equip the candidates to be in tune with the latest technologies in the field of computer hardware systems and enterprise software products. Oracle Corporation specializes in building the tools for database management, enterprise resource planning software (ERP), customer relationship management software (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) software. The curriculum of Oracle certifications empowers the candidate to handle not only his current job profile, but future responsibilities as well. The benefits of Oracle certifications include: – A comprehensive understanding of the Oracle databases related concepts helps to establish better communication with the team of developers. – It ensures job security and provides the candidates with free access to exclusive member only site of Oracle which enables an exchange of new concepts and updated knowledge. – Oracle certifications result in better employee productivity, increased system performance and better staff retention. The oracle certifications are divided into the following categories: Oracle Certified Associate (OCA): is an entry-level certification from Oracle family. The purpose of this certification is that the candidates should gain fundamental knowledge of Oracle technologies and can fulfill their responsibilities under supervision of a senior. This certification would be ideal for candidates with 1-2 years of work experience or even for a fresher. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP): is the next level of certification after OCA. The purpose of this certification is to ensure that the candidates gain a deeper knowledge of the fundamentals and perform their duties without requiring any kind of supervision. This certification is not meant for candidates who do have sufficient experience of working on Oracle technologies. An ideal candidate for this certification is expected to possess at least 3-5 years of working experience. Oracle Certified Expert (OCE): is an extension of OCA or OCP certification and enables the candidate to determine his specific area of interest. This certification helps to enhance the candidate’s OCA or OCP level of knowledge. Oracle Certified Master (OCM): is Oracle’s highest level of certification. It equips the candidate with highest level of skills and knowledge in the field of Oracle technologies. An Ideal candidate for this certification must have at least 6 years of experience in administering Oracle databases. The candidates with OCM certifications are expected show the ability to administer enterprise-class databases. Oracle certifications are in demand seeing the changing scenario of the IT field. There’s a huge demand for database administrators and other professionals to work on Oracle technologies. When it comes to databases then most of the business organizations rely on Oracle for storing and management their data. Considering the benefits and role of Oracle technologies we cannot underestimate the importance of Oracle certifications. However, when a candidate decides to go for a certification then he should see whether the certification matches his current requirements or not and select one accordingly. Oracle certifications have a great market value, but it depends a lot on the level of work experience which backs the certification. There are three main levels of Oracle certifications starting with Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) followed by Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), and Oracle Certified Master (OCM). When a person enrolls for a certification course with Oracle, the focus of the curriculum is more on a practical oriented approach. As a result, it requires the candidates to attend instructor-led classroom training and offer proof of attendance. To pass an Oracle certification it becomes inevitable to opt for an up to date, simple and effective oracle training material. The training material should provide a lot of practical questions which should be inline with the real time exam environment. The certifications from Oracle result are beneficial to both the employee as well as the employer. If you’re an Oracle fan or a database enthusiast then these certifications will be a right choice for you. However, it is important to select the right level of the Oracle certification depending upon the requirements of your current or future job responsibilities. You can learn more at : Oracle certificate Program Get Oracle online Oracle education Oracle testing Author’s Bio: Jason Segel writes on career education and professional development for sites that provide support and resources for completing certification programs. Technology is a hobby for him, which is why she spends time reading tech news and taking online courses to expand her tech-savviness.  
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Which language should you learn?

Which language should you learn? English is currently “top-of-the-pops” when it comes to international business codes, but you probably speak this already if you are reading this article! Regardless of this, you could improve your own marketability and scope by picking up another language, or maybe more! The question remains as to which language would suit your purpose though. One cool fact about learning a second language is that your brain will function a lot more efficiently if you have the command of at least two spoken codes. Learning a language involves understand the culture as well as contexts and specific idioms, Google translate just doesn’t cut the mustard really. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some language options for you. Continue reading “Which language should you learn?”

Windows Server 2012 Network infrastructure training

Windows Server 2012 Network infrastructure training The recent update to Microsoft’s Windows Server line-up, the new MS Windows Server 2012, has a lot of new features, better advanced services and several other improvements. IT specialists and MCSE holders are enrolling to the updated Windows Server 2012 Network Infrastructure Training to gain an edge over this new server framework. What are the new things offered? That is what we are going to find out in this article. Course subjects & objectives The Windows Server 2012 Network Infrastructure Training focuses more on virtualization and cloud computing, two features that are currently the focus of Windows Server 2012. The course includes trainings in setup and administration of cloud computing clusters, as well as advanced knowledge on the design of server infrastructure. The basic configuration trainings also include: Server installation and configuration training A course designed to teach configuration skills, including server installation and configuration, as well as configuration of local storage. Server Roles and Features A basic training on how to configure user roles, set up file sharing access, and print services. The training also covers a more advanced set of subjects that includes server configuration for remote management and best practices. Hyper-V Hyper-V is the new virtualization technology implemented into the Windows Server 2012. Naturally, this part of the training covers subjects such as virtual machine creations and configurations, virtual machine storage and the administration of virtual networks. After completing the basic setup and configuration trainings, students will be studying advanced subjects including server administration and the implementation of advanced server infrastructure setups. The array of advanced trainings is truly breath taking. The new Windows Server 2012 Network Infrastructure Training is one of the most comprehensive certification programs available today, covering subjects such as: • Administrative Model Design • Implementation of Highly Available Network Services & Storage Solutions • Server Virtualization Infrastructure • Identity and Access Solutions Design and Implementation • Network Access Services Administration The Windows Server 2012 Network Infrastructure Training is designed to allow existing MCSE holders, as well as new IT practitioners to master Windows Server 2012 down to its very core. Once the certifications are completed, students will be able to maintain Windows Server 2012 infrastructures at any level. Windows server 2012 network infrastructure certifications Students are required to complete a series of certification exams at the end of each course segment. The certifications acquired through taking the Windows Server 2012 Network Infrastructure Training are: • Exam 70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 • Exam 70-411: Administering Windows Server 2012 • Exam 70-412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services • Exam 70-413: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure • Exam 70-414: Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure Course options Similar to other Microsoft courses, students have the option to choose between online and offline courses. Both types, of course, are administered exclusively by Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in cooperation with Prometric Test Center. Online courses, however, offer a number of extra benefits. For starters, online courses are designed to be more affordable. The cost of taking all certifications and completing the MCSE training is still set at over $1,500, but it is almost 30% more affordable compared to offline courses. Completing the training through online courses also gives students the ability to study at their own pace. This is a flexibility no offline course can offer. Since the courses – and the certification exams – are very expensive, being able to study thoroughly and having enough time to do so are hugely beneficial. Search for Self-Paced Online Training to enjoy this benefit. Many online IT training providers also allow students to customize their courses. Webucator, Technologia and many other online training centres have been offering customizable courses in order to allow students to pursue multiple certifications with ease. Preparing for the course The Windows Server 2012 Network Infrastructure Training covers everything from A to Z. There is no special prerequisite other than familiarity with Windows Server’s basic interface and functionalities. You can download the demo version of Windows Server 2012 and use the included Help documents to get started. There are also training resource centres that you can visit in order to acquire training materials, test examples and other useful study guides before enrolling for the certification programs. About the Author: Aileen Hines is a writer and a blogger for many online publications. She regularly writes guest posts for respectable sites as well as ghost-write for clients. Technology is a hobby for her, which is why she spends time reading tech news and taking online courses to expand her tech-savvies.

Which education do you need for Forex?

Which education do you need for Forex? The right education puts you in the right place, among the potential experts. With time, with upgrading your skills and knowledge, you can become one and will be considering yourself as a such. To be able to claim – I know the subject so well, ‘just ask me any question’ … is a good feeling and it is a virtue one has to strive to achieve. A lot of people, do not dare, they hesitate to start a new ideas, professions or employ any news in their lives. They leave it to later, like in the proverb ‘tomorrow’ day – that day, but it never comes, by the way! The ting is to all about winning against yourself! If you are trying to start a trading career, you are probably trying to find out what is separates the minority of traders making consistent profits, from the vast majority consistently losing or struggling. You might think that winning traders have some special talents, that they have some inside knowledge that is not available to others, have better tools, have inherited a bright mind or it is maybe a matter of luck? In spite of this, it is all about your own approach and determination to constantly improve yourself , learn new things, and dare to act NOW! How many times did you stay away, observing what others do? Thinking that this is ‘for others` is not the right attitude, it can be just for you. To learn to grow, to dare, to  WIN you have to get education. With specific education anybody can become just anything! By having the right information you prepare yourself to enter the exciting field of currency trading and to put you on equal ground with successful traders. You may be a total newbie trying to learn as much as you can about forex markets, before you attempt to trade. You may be a beginning trader, who has made a few trades, lost some, won some, with a conclusion that you do not have a real edge and if you continue you will slowly burn most of the capital in your trading account. If you are already actively trading currencies and you are always looking for new ideas to improve your trading, you can always improve further. forex-trading Why trade currencies? The reply is simple: -no other trading instrument comes even closely to forex (currency) market when it comes to liquidity, -24 hours market environment and -profit potential. Forex market is the largest (most liquid) financial market in the world. It has an average daily volume of more than US$ 1.5 trillion, which is more than all of the global equity markets combined. To enter this field on equal ground with successful traders you need to: 1. Believe that YOU can! 2. Get the right knowledge and tools. 3. Choose a proven strategy according to your personality. 4. Proficiently implement the chosen strategy. 5. Do not be afraid to win! 6. Improve your skills by practicing and by the theory. The right strategies will show you an existing profitable strategy. Everything you need to know in order to implement it successfully will be there. How to test strategies without risking any money? With patience and determination. You will help yourself to develop necessary skills and to be able to put your strategy into action, profitably. Make a plan to follow up and implement these steps: – Prepare for a trading session – Which order types should you use and when you should use them? – Determine the most important support and resistance areas based on the previous day’s info. – Place your stops! – Use economic calendar. – Determine the capital do you need to start. – Obtain the most reliable real time quotes and charting software. – How to use info from the previous trading day to your advantage. – Find out unique proven winning strategies and easy to understand examples – Use leverage properly. – Spot the exact best time to enter the trade either on a long or a short side. – Find support of the experienced public in the right place. – Always look for more information. – Find others that have almost the same questions, meaning others who are learning too. As you practice your new skills and follow up the next step in your education, you can improve the understanding of the financial markets, the realistic expectations, you do not have to have a tested and proven entry/exit system. Having access to a support system will take you achieving a success and a big adventure! More about online Forex learning at: Free Forex Forex video course Free Forex account training

Your classroom needs to go virtual

Your classroom needs to go virtual Do you want to equip your students with the skills they need to survive? Today the virtual world is upon us and virtual skills are essential to survival, so you should consider your classroom going virtual. To provide your students with the skills they will need to navigate today’s world. Their learning experiences in the classroom should mirror what they will encounter outside the classroom in the real world. How do you enable your students to experience what’s outside the classroom from inside the class itself? If you look at all the media, or even own a computer, you must realise that your students already live and work in a virtual future. One of the most hyped virtual gadgets is the immersive helmet. Even now we talk of the ‘Internet of Things’ and the ‘Immersive World’ as part of life. This is not in a far-distant future. You can lead your students to a successful life because your classroom can be this gateway to their future. Today students have access to new learning environments that help them progress and navigate the world through a virtual world. Virtual learning environments are essential because students relate to them and use them daily to socialise, learn and experience the world around them.
  • How?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Who?
Features of virtual environments include ease of use, low relative cost and simple interface, aiding fast learning with short learning curve.

How can this be done?


Virtual worlds can be accessed through many devices. Computers of all varieties, tablets, phones – and any new device that comes along. Integration is vital in this digital world which benefits the cloud based data storage as the best in interaction for digital content.

Fast Learning

It is said that a picture is a thousand words, imagine the words of virtual modelling where it will even better clarify the picture. The comparative speed of learning takes information and processes it towards the perspective of the student. This visual information is the most natural way the brain absorbs information. Since we learn quickest through our senses, and the eye REM will feed the brain at the speed of light all visual examples is on the highest order of comprehension.


The affordability of virtual online courses factors on interest, amount content and implied recommendations of the curriculum. None the less, its will always be available at a fraction of the cost than having a real life education centre, books, travel. Increase affordability in terms of time and resources to teach students complex ideas.

Real world environments for real learning experiences

Education needs to meet virtual reality to provide a fully interactive experience. One that neither student nor teacher can have in a normal classroom. Virtual reality provides a range of learning experiences using different environments and experiences that can involve a computer programming language, logic, art, augmented reality. Military training, safe medical training, hazard waste training, simulated emergency protocol, all will add to the interpretive gains including foreign language learning/translations.

Novel experience

It is next to impossible to lose the attention span offered in Virtual Reality. A special degree of interaction between both instructor and student would include having the instructor offers his course in a state of the arts recordable form of presentation.   The instructor or the student taking or giving such a class can perform a series of functions such as mute, group, tags. They also access Web 2.0, perform import/export/downloads, convert, and do so all within a 3d environment. They can offer simulations, develop samples, hold discussions which are all valid experiences with visualisation material. Repetition and Reinforcement We as humans can often experience words to have multiple meanings with differences in interpretation. A simple sentence for example; “I am at home”, can mean that you are home, but it might also mean you could be back to the office, or in your most cosy chair, your childhood house, or even your most favourite restaurant.   With virtual, the visual will make any statement interpreted one way. Having that repeated visual presented will reinforce an idea or concept needed. Virtual will do exactly this. Multi-Senses There are seven senses, each which make up our ways to learn and describe. Use virtual and augmented reality to enhance or single out how we wish to present or define a concept.   It is our goal to use our multi-senses to sharpen our skills when interacting with Virtual Reality. Distance learning virtual reality can provide a dream which would otherwise be inaccessible for many.

 What are the benefits?

There are many advantages of having a virtual class. Firstly the cost of travelling. Getting to a normal learning situation generally means travelling to the learning destination, whether that be a classroom, laboratory, work experience site, car for driving or other learning experience. With virtual worlds, you simply log into your computer and walk in-world directly to the learning experience that is presented straight in front of you. Secondly, one of the major issues in a learning environment is keeping all students together learning at the same pace, despite their various learning needs and speeds. Thirdly, learning virtual reality now, can set students up to safely and privately handle controlled study cases. It has been used to prepare their mind to focus and delve into with complex matters quickly and effectively. Directly benefit the flexibility and independence of a student who might suffer with phobias or have learning difficulties. Remove that feeling where exclusion from peers are common in school situations. Whereas online class puts everyone on the same level of learning and gives people a chance to interact with others and feel part of a class environment which will also give the student more confidence within themselves. Today’s education processes require strict adherence to the syllabus. Key aspects of any subject are predefined and it is the exceptions of various schools and colleges to maintain this control of what and how class material is given, tested, retained. Virtual reality can be used to monitor this control.

About TVM

The Virtual Mob Limited (TVM) http://www.thevirtualmob.com, has been an ongoing integral part, in virtual world communities since 2006 and a part of the growth in all fields of educational and business operation. As formal learning environments are normally centred on classrooms, they are restricted in terms or real world experience within a learning opportunity. With virtual world learning these environmental restrictions can be reduced or even removed. A single location such as a classroom provides a single learning environment while a virtual environment can offer a plethora of environments with just the touch of a button. It is proven that recollection is reinforced and supported by a familiar environment. This is perhaps why, for example, language learning in a classroom allows for easy recall. However, a student who learns in a classroom struggles with using it outside of that room. This is because their experience centres on the classroom. Many recall cues are missing outside, such as learning to buy fruit in a market using a new language. So, what if the students could experience that lesson actually ‘in the market’? When they came to buy fruit, their recollection would be supported by their previous experience of buying fruit virtually. Repetition is one of the best tools for comprehension, as is making mistakes (which we will come onto later). Virtual worlds can provide safe learning situations, which can be repeated until the student is competent. Education and virtual reality meet to provide a fully interactive experience that neither student nor teacher can enter into in a normal classroom. With distance learning virtual reality can provide a dream which would otherwise be inaccessible for many. As the formal learning environment is normally centred on a classroom, the many restrictions of that environment are reduced or even removed. A single location environment provides a single learning experience. It is proven that recollection is reinforced and supported by a familiar environment. This is perhaps why, for example, language learning in a classroom allows for easy recall. However, if a student who has learned to buy fruit in a classroom using their new found language skills – then tries to buy fruit in a market, they will struggle. This is because their prior experience of this exchange has been in the classroom. Many of the recall cues are missing in the marketplace. So, what if they could experience that lesson actually ‘in the market’? When they came to buy fruit, their recollection would be supported by their previous experience of buying fruit. Repetition is one of the best tools for comprehension, as is making mistakes (which we will come onto later). Virtual worlds can provide these learning situations with no repercussions. Flexibility to learn at your own pace as we all know in life some learn things quicker than others , so will be less pressure on other peers and gives great opportunity for them to interact and feel part of class environment and also help them organise areas for course documents, assignments, class notes and other information can be readily categorised. Also having this information on the Internet can provide with a method for quickly updating and revising course content and giving the student extensive attention when they mostly require it without having to deal with any classroom disturbances. Where is the added value?    The cost off the online courses are much cheaper than college, weigh up all costs of traveling and course itself the time traveling in all weathers , where online course you can study your own pace and in comfort of your own home plus for many students security of their own environment.  But student will still get the same support, as they would in college setting, if not more as the tutor will be available online so they will be able to message and get response back. What makes it different?     TVM makes the friendly environment of talking and communicating with people. All over the world people are ready and willing to sharing their knowledge with others. This act alone has gained through the course building self-confidence and motivation. Who is it for?    This is for anyone that wishes to gain more knowledge and has a really passion for learning. Who would benefit?      Everyone and anyone who wishes to learn more and make their life mean something more and hopefully help them on their way to job they will love. Simple interaction TVM, its entire backend software, and various selected hardware such as “Plantonics” headgear was designed to make interaction useable. A quick download, run the executable, login and you are in. Menus react exactly in same manner as most video games, mouse, control buttons and or a heads up display that allows a student to walk through. The interaction can be modified to suit the most elementary child all the way to the most advanced user found. One might think of interaction being simple, but it’s a tool being useful. Next generation teaching now!! In 2014, nearly 75% (2.1 billion) of all internet users in the world (2.8 billion) live in the top 20 countries. The remaining 25% (0.7 billion) is distributed among the other 178 countries, each representing less than 1% of total users. With over 300 online colleges worldwide and thousands of various courses, having virtual courses would be the future of now. Most students, already used to online course and undoubtedly computer savvy, are all used to emerging technologies.  There is already a wide audience that want to not only teach, but be involved in creating content, learn, each with their own skill level. This insatiable degree of technology surpasses the age of classroom and teacher requiring the need to be immersed in a visual array of subjects and not just looking at flat charts or empty 2d graphics. What has happened so far? TVM has been very serious about the aspects of education. Virtually they manifested a way to offer education and with enticing ways to share. TVM built and tested several classrooms, auditoriums, meeting spaces and conference rooms for a variety organizations. The classrooms designed by TVM offers a series of ways to present and teach ideas. There are chalkboards, video presentations, working computer screens, video screens, music backgrounds, the import and export of magazines and books, scripted coded languages, sharable graphics such as art and photography, sounds and 3D models. A mix of different individuals with different backgrounds and diverse native tongues can all be in the same room and interact simultaneously. TVM offers a method with which instructors can better organise teaching materials using searchable inventories. They can record and reuse what they taught in the past. They have also created boards that will display course when and where in-world. TVM has used its virtual classroom as an instructing forum for group meetings within a virtual assembly, and members of TVM have attended and made presentations in forum. Subjects include demonstrations in graphic arts, photography, 3D model presentations, slide shows, and classroom situations including question and answer sessions, tests, grading and presentations. Online courses, apparatus such as 3D hardware, virtual suits and more have been tested and developed to augment additional functions.   Disabled and struggling have been taught in effective teaching conditions proved otherwise impossible. Your classroom needs to go virtual – today! Let it flourish inside an awaiting virtual reality world, so that learning is rewarding.   Authors:
Deborah Butler, Founder and Director at TVM and C. Tito Young, Sr Interaction Design at TVM.
The Virtual Mob (TVM) http://www.thevirtualmob.com  

The power of eLearning as a social and collaborative tool

The power of eLearning as a social and collaborative tool     Much of the reason why eLearning is so effective at enhancing the learning process for so many users is the collaborative aspect of this powerful learning device. In this post I’ll:
  • Prescribe how to get the most out of your eLearning program by using it as a social and collaborative tool.
  • Explain why adapting your eLearning program to be more collaborative and social can have such a positive impact on learning outcomes.
Stimulate interest with interactive comparable learning devices Competitiveness in learning isn’t so healthy. However, integrating certain comparable learning devices into your training program can have a positive, inspirational effect on your trainees. Continue reading “The power of eLearning as a social and collaborative tool”

How can new generations utilize self-education?

How can new generations utilise self-education? Studying on your own has always been important. However, only with the rapid advancement of technologies of all kinds, but mostly Internet-related innovations did this process become available on many levels. From elementary and high school children to business professionals, everybody should be aware that only the things that you learn alone will make you stand out from the rest of the people.

Theory and practice

The school system is often too inclined towards theoretical knowledge. It might be interesting to know the name of Alexander the Great’s horse, but is it really necessary today? The thing is that schools still torture children with so many trivial facts, whereas the global labour market recognises mostly practical work. But here is where every individual should make an effort to excel at as many practical skills as possible. Learning from online tutorials, as well as looking up to adults around you in terms of interesting and productive crafts could bring you substantial financial benefits in the future.

The importance of languages

In the past, knowing foreign languages were concerned as something noble and elevated. Today, however, learning them should be observed under the light of their practical use. Teachers should know rules, but workers have to be able to communicate and understand the content valid for their profession. That is why craftspeople, engineers, doctors and all other professionals that want to enrich their careers with working abroad should know at least one foreign language; knowing two would be perfect. Since schools often fail to equip them with the appropriate functional knowledge, they should apply for efficient online language courses and study on their own.

Divergent approach to self-improvement

The term self-improvement has been given pretty negative attributes due to its correlation with self-help; a term that has spread to the shelves of bookstores. However, nobody can make you as good as you can. Self-improvement is done on a daily basis. Everything constructive that a person does during one day will improve their abilities. Watching a documentary about cooking will help you learn how to prepare a new meal. Singing up for an online communication course will yield better work performances. What matters here is discover what suits you and get a learning place which will enhance your work potential. By getting there, your quality of life will be much higher and it will lead to new professional and personal enterprises.

Textual content matters

A real flaw in the school system is forcing kids of different abilities to read complex and outdated literary works. Yes, Dickens wrote real classics, but 12-year olds cannot sit still and read a 500-page novel if they are exposed to so many interactive things. So, the creators of the syllabus should adjust the list of books children should read to create a positive feeling towards reading. Those same kids can spend hours and hours reading their friends’ posts on social groups or texts about celebrities. It shows that students still have the need to read, but only specific content. It is a genuine feature of free market applied to the educational content. Reading remains the main tool for gaining knowledge in all fields and those who want to make professional progress should learn some useful reading techniques to become more productive. Self-reliance is a great way of using your individual potentials to the full. Since everybody is responsible for their own life, all of us should do as much as we can to improve ourselves and create progressive society.
Author’s bio: Dan Radak is a VPS security and Hosting generally specialist. Currently, he is employed as a consultant in a couple of e-commerce companies. Lately, he has been interested in education-related themes. You can follow him on Twitter.

Google for enterpreneurs at Campus Londoon

Google for entrepreneurs  - International expansion at Campus London

Google for entrepreneurs at Campus London

Data Science courses launched in July 2015 will meet UK demand for data scientists and bring programs abroad

Galvanize.com, a leader in industry-focused education, announced its expansion internationally by launching data science courses at Campus London, Google’s startup and entrepreneur hub in East London, UK. There are more that 40,000 members, of Google’s Campus London, a thriving community where anyone can build their startup and attend programs to learn technical and entrepreneurial skills. Galvanize operates five campuses (located in San Francisco, Seattle, Denver and Boulder), and these data science courses at Google’s Campus London represent the first time the company has launched a program outside of the US. “We have a longstanding partnership with Google and Google for Entrepreneurs that has allowed us to enrich our campuses and curriculum with industry expertise, connections and mentorship,” stated Jim Deters, CEO and co-founder of Galvanize. “Bringing our educational offerings to Campus London with this initial program is a natural extension of our partnership and leverages both organisations’ commitment to providing skills and access to a global community of entrepreneurs.” London being an emerging hub for data science, has a permanent demand for data scientists in the UK that has increased 350 percent in the past five years ( with an average salary of £60,0001). Company demand for data-literate talent and employee demand for data science skills make Campus London the ideal place for Galvanize to launch these programs. “As the UK’s tech industry continues to grow we see a lot of demand for data-savvy talent from both the startup community and the established tech players,” said Sarah Drinkwater, Head of Campus London. “By bringing the Galvanize courses to Campus London, we are adding to our already established learning programs, including Campus for Mums, which aims to teach people how to turn their ideas into thriving companies.” Galvanize’s data science courses at Campus London will cover a wide range of topics, from fundamentals of data science, Python for data analysis, to applied machine learning, and many more. Courses will be suited for beginners and experienced data scientists, with commitments spanning full-day intensives to nights and weekends. Galvanize will be hosting a series of free introductory workshops and open house events with pre-eminent data scientists for anyone interested in learning more about the emerging field of data science. You can apply for the first data science cohort or register for an event, head to Galvanize.com, London.  

Everybody writes

Ann Handley has created a short directory called Everybody Writes explaining the writing process – from a discombobulated mess to a coherent, useful piece of content that engages audiences. Below are the 12 steps she suggests everyone should use when beginning to write any piece of content. If you have anything to add, let us know. Ann Handley

Make a career in marine engineering

Make a career in marine engineering
Make a career in marine engineering The making of every boat from yacht to a massive ship like Titanic, starts from a marine engineer’s table. Marine engineers are the responsible for putting together and keeping the water based vehicles up and running. While the work may seem extensive, considering the size and complexity of machines, life of a marine engineer is very interesting and fast moving, filled with new problems and opportunities in every corner. It does not stop just here. The pay is amazing too! If working with big ships or keeping the small speedboats moving ahead is your dream too, you should also join the list of elite marine engineers like Joseph Bell, Robert Fulton, etc. They have created a big name in the shipping industry because of their skills and learning they received outside the classroom. Do you want to learn how to become a skilled marine engineer? If the answer is an obvious yes, keep reading… The coursework you will have to study and practice to become a marine engineer is quite extensive. It is true that it can be very difficult, but at the same time you will have practice for your goals outside the classes… being a marine engineer was never supposed to be easy. Here is how you can enroll to the studies:
  1. Choose the right college
A good marine engineering college is not the one that only makes you the master of basics, but it is the one that gives proper hands on experience on what the engine looks like, how it functions, which  problems can come out, and how to resolve them, etc. To shortlist the right college, make a list of the world’s top marine engineering colleges; check their course structures, and the feasibility of getting admission in them.
  1. Read about established marine engineers
Try to find as much information as you can, about successful engineers. Read about their career chart, problems they face, what innovative solutions they found and how, and everything you find interesting to help you increase the knowledge in this area. By doing this, you will see new light of this career, which will only give you an edge in better decision making.
  1. Network with industry experts
With the advent of social media, it has become extremely easy to network with someone whom you idealize. For starters, you can open a LinkedIn account and join groups having marine engineers and participate in the discussions. Or you can always follow them on Twitter.
  1. Know the recent events
Last but not least – the one thing that will undoubtedly help you is to know what is new in the marine engineering industry. It will give you a chance to show your knowledge among influential people, as well as help you find new ways to manage problems. Being a marine engineer will call for a lot of hard work and dedication. Be prepared to wake up in the middle of the night and think about new solutions. You will get plenty of chances to practice what you learned, once you start working, it’s good that you start with these activities along your course of work. It all might seem difficult in the beginning, but a good college will definitely make it easily in the end. Best of luck!   About the Author: Tripti Rai writes on the behalf of www.shiksha.com, she advises students on right career choices, exam advices, educational institutions etc. Along with education, she also likes to talk about real estate whenever she gets a chance.    

Learn to code!

If your New Year’s resolution is to learn a new skill or find a new job, you can consider making 2015  – the year when you have to learn how to code!!
This skill offers many advantages for anyone seeking new opportunities no matter what your current age or job title is. Wide range of industries are eager to hire people with programming knowledge.
If you are interested to learn how to code for a side project or a personal website, it’s a great way to learn new skills and challenge yourself to work towards a goal.
Below are the ranking prices, length of studying and intensity of 13 Top Learn To Code Schools.
Comparing Coding Courses

Be a good Project Manager with these 5 skills

businessman Being a good Project manager means that you will have a good job and that people will recruit you and ask you to come and work for them. Having a good Project Manager means that you will have the job done in the most effective and the most satisfying way. Therefore, you need to be ready for such challenges and being ready means that you need to have these traits and things about you. Continue reading “Be a good Project Manager with these 5 skills”

5 Top ways to deal with semester tough times

student-in-lecture Normally, there are a number of events when students have difficult issues in their academic semesters. In order to live a successful academic life students have to become “a-dig-deeper” to bring out the solution of every problem. Fortunately there are some approaches that are best to cope with all issues that stop students to grow. If you’re a college or university student who is surrounded with a number of academic issues, then you’re reading the right content. Read the information shared in this article about the 5 top ways to deal with semester tough times and explore the best ways to deal with them. Continue reading “5 Top ways to deal with semester tough times”

How to be a successful learner?

Everyone has a strategy in overcoming new learning challenges, tip to learn better, or maybe a scheme that he or she follows. Have a glimpse at the tips on better learning, presented in the infographic below, and let us know your thoughts. The Neuroscience of Learner Engagement Infographic

Discovery Science Channel

At Discovery Science you will find the latest sneak peeks of the new shows, access to exclusive behind the scenes interviews and intro to some the new faces of Discovery Science. Dedicated to unearthing facts, debunking myths and on an unstoppable search for scientific truth, Discovery Science is as much a source for learning, as it is a playground for experiment. Discovery Science Channel connects you to the science that’s all around us, because we are all scientists, in a certain way! More on : www.yourdiscoveryscience.com

Adult educations principles

If you are considering going back to school, have a look at the infographic below which might help you decide which degree you can pursue. The adult education is getting more and more popular, as more skills are needed during one’s career development. Get your adult education facts right and on the spot. Principles-of-Adult-Learning-Infographic

Time management and online MBA

time management
time management Online MBA is one of the most successful examples of an e-learning course. However, we still remain a little skeptical about it. To understand about what online MBA is all about and how to manage your time is extremely important before you opt for this course. We are living in a day and age, where education can no longer be ignored. Sometimes through situations life happens, which makes it quite difficult for many to leave everything for a degree. Money, work, and time makes it hard for people to even consider the possibility of a higher degree. Leaving the luxury of earning for even a year is a no-no for anyone who doesn’t have the bank balance to support them.  Taking out time for education is not possible in today’s fast-paced world. Continue reading “Time management and online MBA”

4 career opportunities with minimal education

career path
4 career opportunities with minimal education Getting a traditional four-year degree no longer necessarily leads to a profitable career. With numbers of college grads at an all-time high and the economy at a serious low, it really is a tough job market out there. Instead of going to a traditional university, many are opting for alternative schooling that leads directly to a career. Surprisingly, there are many well-paying careers without extensive schooling required. Here are four hot career opportunities you can take advantage of with minimal education investment needed. Continue reading “4 career opportunities with minimal education”

5 careers for adult students

library student
5 careers for adult students Any adult considering returning to school to further their educations will not be alone. Many older adults return to study at a community college or university after working a job, participating in the military or raising a family. While many adults want to return to college to receive a bachelor’s degree to increase job opportunities, there are also educational programs that require less time. Continue reading “5 careers for adult students”

Learn to think like a scientist

No one will argue with the fact that people who are involved in science for a long time, have a different mindset. Even if the scope of your activities is far from a science, the habit of scientifically thinking will bring you a great benefit because you will learn how to solve various problems (work, family, household, and many others) more efficiently and faster. Thomas Edison achieved success for the reason that he spent a huge amount of experiments and worked hard on his task. He had to go through thousands of failures and setbacks, but it did not upset the scientist and did not deprive his enthusiasm. Edison continuously repeated that all these failures were only steps to the top of his success. It is worth learning the scientific way of thinking and adopt its habits, because you will be able to master a creative approach to solving your problems. You will learn how to generate original ideas. We will also consider how to develop the habits of scientists and implement them in your thinking, to change lives. I hope you love the content below! 7 Habits How to Learn to Think Like a Scientist Infographic

Painting classes you must try

Painting classes you must try If you are heading out for painting classes then this article is a must read for you. Painting is an art form that greatly transforms one’s person. You start seeing the world from different perspective and in different light from others since you develop ability to catch and amend some kind of beauty in a canvass or a paper. Painting is an art form that helps you to reproduce pieces of art in an unique way. To really know what painting has to offer you ought to enroll for painting classes in a credible and reputed art institute. There are various reputable institutes that impart training to students of all age groups. Painting sessions usually extends to several months, as it is not an art form that can be learnt overnight. Those who are looking forward to learn painting, ought to show active participation and interaction with other participants in the instructional classes. Most of the painting classes support an exquisite platform to the aspirants to learn and practice. These art sessions are conducted on day to day basis where the painters rediscover the fascination with painting and aspirants get a chance to live their dream. The painting class offers an ambiance of learning and grooms the aspirants in different painting forms. In synchronisation with different techniques and facilities, the painting schools offers nothing but the best services to the learners. What are the different painting forms, what types of colors to be used, how to create designs on the canvass and what aspects to be considered while painting all necessary facts are considered and customers are updated on regular basis. There are various techniques and fashions that are encouraged by the art institutes, that help the candidates to create their own designs. Whether you are beginner in the field or a skilled artist, the vibrant colors can be tempting enough. Enrolling with right institutes help the participants to shed their pre-conceptions and take a look at their own natural expression. Listed below are several types of painting classes that are usually available: Watercolor painting: – Beginners can commence with watercolor painting as it a versatile medium and can be used to create basic and difficult paintings. Trainees in an initial watercolor class get an opportunity to explore variety of approaches. Trainers apprise students about realistic and abstract forms of art. There are different kinds of watercolor paint brushes and paints. Students get an opportunity to know the properties of tones and rehearse using different color schemes. They help learners with paint mixing, color creations, and wet-on-wet lessons. Painting with Acrylics Programs:- Acrylics basically imitate both oils and water colors and are used to produce entirely different types of painting. Students get training in different types of color composition, materials, and shade theory and style fundamentals. Learners try out with different painting tactics and work with different picture forms as in landscapes, portraits and abstract paintings. Oil painting course:- Those who enroll for this course discover the foundations of making use of oil paints that usually comprises picking brushes and preparing canvasses for painting and using painter’s medium such as linseed oil, dryers and turpentine oil. Training in color mixing, composition and depth enables the student to begin and create the individual artwork. Students work on the canvasses after receiving guidance from the trainer. Chinese brush and painting course:- Many aspirants wish to learn the Chinese brush painting by means of interpretation of flowers and birds. Ideally bamboo brushes are required to generate ink washes in various gradations of rice and paper. They teach various methods of painting such as dry brush, wet-on-wet painting and dry brush paintings are taught and practiced. Painting schools have received great attention and have largely served the students to augment their persona and skills,so if you are into painting art, no need to postpone your long time desired hobby! By Raj Kamal  
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Full time job and studying

Full time job and studying When you are in school full-time, and you are working full-time, what you need the most in the day is more time. Both your job and education require constant attention, and then there are other areas that take your time also. Driving time between classes and to your job, taking care of your home and then finding the time for essentials like enough time to study are the three main areas. Juggling this kind of schedule is challenging, which you should know upfront, but it is completely doable if you prioritize and get organized.  Continue reading “Full time job and studying”

Join a graduate scheme to benefit your career

Join a graduate scheme to benefit your career After you complete college, you have the choice of opting between normal graduate jobs or graduate training schemes. A graduate scheme is the perfect pathway which can choose for career development. Graduate schemes are offered by most of the large employers. Selection process for graduate schemes is competitive and rigorous. The selection process includes structured interviews and psychometric tests. A graduate training program can pave the way to junior management roles for fresh graduates. Plum salaries are offered for these roles. On completing the training, you can select the department of your choice within an organization. With a graduate scheme, you can choose among a large number of employers. Continue reading “Join a graduate scheme to benefit your career”

Shortcuts to moving ahead in your career

Shortcuts to moving ahead in your career Do you feel that your career has turned into a treadmill with only one speed — slow? Some employees who aren’t happy with their income or career opportunities decide to chuck the whole thing and go into another field or industry entirely. Others take the big leap into entrepreneurship, going it alone against the same companies that they once worked for. These choices may sound liberating, but they can blow up in your face and leave you without any income at all. Here are some ways you can modify your work life without leaving your profession — by jump-starting the career advancement engine. Continue reading “Shortcuts to moving ahead in your career”

4 ways to improve your voice over skills

4 ways to improve your voice over skills 1. Vocal warm ups You may usually associate vocal warm ups with singers, but as a voice artist it’s important that you do the same. Long hours in a voice over recording studio, on top of the rehearsals beforehand, can be rather strenuous on your voice, which is why it is essential that you prepare your voice in order to maintain stability and endurance. After all, talking can be exhausting, especially when you have to do it in a range of tones in different styles and volumes for a great length of time. Think of warm ups as exercise for your vocal chords – they’re essential for optimal performance. Try doing some lip trills, sirens and even some tongue twisters (they really help with enunciation). Vocal warm ups can also help you to expand your vocal range, which can be useful for a variety of self-explanatory reasons. 2. Breathing Back in the day it was unacceptable for breathing to be audible in a recording, so voice artists had to practise silent breathing in order to mask the problem. Fortunately, today, it is no longer as big a deal, but it still helps if you can minimise the effects so that you can get a cleaner sound overall. Let’s face it, taking a big gasp in the middle of a sentence can sound messy and unprofessional, so it pays to meticulously study your script and work out where you can safely take your breaths beforehand. 3. Enunciation When doing voice over work it is absolutely crucial for the purpose of clarity that you enunciate when you speak. Recordings can lose some of the full quality of your voice, and they don’t always pick up on things in the way that you hear them in person. Therefore, it is mandatory that you enunciate. To facilitate with this process, try recording yourself beforehand and really listen out for words that seem slurred and obscure. Those are what you need to work on, and as previously mentioned, tongues twisters are a great way to help you develop this skill – practise makes perfect. 4. Try standing up You should always try to record your voice standing up. Sitting down is instantly more restricting. You’re physicality has a huge impact upon the quality of your voice. Standing up increases your lung capacity, allowing you to breathe easily and speak with comfort and clarity. It also makes it easier for you to take deeper breaths, as it mitigates the compression on your breathing muscles. Standing up also gives you the freedom to make actions with your body, which can significantly improve the believability of your vocal performance overall – your actions translate through your voice. For more info on online singing lessons you can visit My bio: Amanda Clarke is a copy writer at a digital marketing agency in London. My Social Media profiles: and facebook.com/amanda.clarke  
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Can you make big bucks with biology?

biology lab
Can you make big bucks with biology? So, you have graduated high school and now it’s time to take that big step and go to college. Where do you go? What should you study? Do you go to community college or take online classes? It’s a tough decision and it can seem overwhelming. While you don’t really have to know everything up front, eventually you will have to decide what you want to do. Researching degrees and careers beforehand can help you out. We have looked at degrees in botany and zoology. Now let’s look at jobs with a degree in biology. Often a degree in biology will lead you to specialize in a particular branch that opens up specific types of careers. Careers can range anywhere from education, research and even sales. Most students go on to earn an advance degree but this is not always necessary and experience can go a long way. Here are some options. Continue reading “Can you make big bucks with biology?”

Benefit from commercial driver’s license

Benefit from commercial driver's license   Many people have trouble deciding which career path is right for them, especially nowadays, as the economy is not in a particularly good shape, and wage levels in many sectors are not as high as they used to be a few years ago, but there are a couple of careers that have pretty good prospects even in these tough economic times. For example, choosing to work as a professional commercial driver can be a very good decision, considering that it brings many benefits, such as a good salary, flexible hours, and job security. This makes driving a commercial vehicle pretty appealing, even though becoming a commercial driver can be a bit difficult and you need to put a lot of time, effort and money in order to obtain a commercial driver’s license. Continue reading “Benefit from commercial driver’s license”

Improve your typing speed

Improve your typing speed Learning to improve your typing speed could be the single most important thing you do between now and the end of 2014. Why? Because it is one thing that you can do that will serve you for the rest of your life. How fast can you type? How fast can you type accurately? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, go visit a typing test website like www.ratatype.com and find out. It’s OK; we’ll wait for you to get back. Done? Good. Now that you have a better idea of your adjusted typing speed, is it what you thought it would be? The average adult types at about 40 words per minute. Is your score higher or lower than that number? If it’s higher, then that means you type faster than average. This is good, but there is always room for improvement. If your average typing speed is less than 40 words per minute, then you have some work to do. Go back to that website listed above, or any other typing tutor website that you choose, and start practicing. It can be as simple as spending 30 minute per day doing accuracy drills or speed practice, in addition to your regular computer usage. Someone who is on the computer all the time will find that they learn to type much quicker than someone who only accesses their computer for a short amount of time each day to check email or play games. Spending this short amount of time each day can not only increase your typing speed, but it can improve your chances of getting a good job offer. There are not many jobs left that don’t require some sort of computer expertise. A high adjusted word per minute speed, meaning the number is adjusted depending on the accuracy of your typing, looks good on a resume. This could be the deciding factor between getting a job and being left in the unemployment line. Spend some time practicing and we guarantee you’ll start seeing a difference. Adam Fort is an educator and touch typing enthusiast. Currently, he helps to develop online typing tutor called Ratatype.  
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Career opportunities in robotics engineering

Career opportunities in robotics engineering The combination of mechanical, computer engineering and electronics is collectively called Robotics engineering. Range of products that we use in our daily lives, are formed of engrafted software in them. Home appliances, electronic machines and automobiles are some of the examples of robotics. The use of robotics and automation is to trim down the human work in the manufacturing of products. Automation and robotics is the next step of mechanization. Where mechanization provides the machines, which are operated by people, robotics offers the machines, which control themselves without human. Actually, Robotics is a branch of science that deals with designing of robots, their creation and applications. The students who are willing to make career in the field of robotics engineering can enrol in our institution. There are numbers of colleges in the country, which offer special courses in Robotics engineering. The four year degree course of the institute gives basic to core knowledge to the students. The study educates the students in artificial intelligence, computer manufacturing, robot designing, integrated manufacturing system of computers, digital electronics computational geometry, and micro processing. The training involves both software and hardware knowledge of a machine. In order to make a bright career, one must search for top engineering institutes. After enrolling in course, students learn to do research on robotics and its functions in different fields. Apart from that the basic knowledge about manufacturing and designing of robots can be got while studying the course. Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry, Graphics, Electrical engineering, control system, autonomous robots, are some of the major subjects of the program course, which students study in their four years’ program. When it comes about scope in the arena, it is essential to clear that the study offers wide career opportunities for the degree holders. The field provides range to break the boundaries and think out of the box. The field offers career opportunities in miscellaneous sectors like modern warfare, surgery, nano-technology and space-exploration. The ground-breaking new technologies take the beginners to find the solutions for the problems of the arena. Specialization in the field can make students to work in abroad. One thing is sure that in a very meantime, the field will grab a strong place in business, domestic tasks, security, transport, distribution, automaton systems and most other characteristics of our life. The scopes are plentiful but the study options are limited, as the study of robotics is in blossoming stages in the nation. There may be several other engineering college, which provides the study of the arena with, but one must go with the educational spot, which provides full-fledge knowledge of automation and robotics. The degree holder of the sector can get the job easily as there are several companies, which are continuously looking for students of robotics engineering. At the end, one thing is clear that the growth in the sector is opening the door for the students, who are aimed towards the arena. So, go and grab the opportunities to make a bright future. Author: Article is written by the Rajni Sudera, working as a content writer at the Gulzar Group of Institutes. He has the great knowledge about the robotics engineering.  
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Top 10 exam revision tips

Top 10 exam revision tips When preparing for examinations, it is important that you spend your time wisely to ensure you are getting the most out of your revision sessions. Everyone is different! One revision technique that works for one person, may not necessarily work well for another. It is essential that you figure out what is the best method for you. Below are some exam revision tips that you may find useful. Continue reading “Top 10 exam revision tips”