7 Strategies to land your dream job


If you’ve recently graduated from university or want to move away from a current job into your dream role, then chances are you’re looking into every pathway possible to make that happen.

Although you’ll find thousands of different jobs listed online, it’s not too likely that you’ll find the exact fit for your skill level and your interests. This is where skill-building, education and experience all come in handy. You want to ensure you have the skills to succeed, but also the relevant skills for your dream job.

We’ve listed seven of the best strategies for recent graduates and for those currently employed to follow over the next few months to a year to land your dream job in 2019. Take a look below.

Understand your skills

Before you move on with any additional learning or skill-building activities, you need to first understand what you’re already good at and what you need to build on. Take the time to research your dream job’s requirements and then move on to determining whether you have these attributes or not and what you can do about that. You might find that you already have all of the skills needed to succeed, but you just need to strengthen them a little more.

If you feel that building your skills is the way to go, then looking into supplemental online learning might be the best option for you. Online training organisations such as Upskilled or sites like are there for this exact purpose: specific skill acquisition and to improve upon your existing skills. Utilising these platforms will give you access to just about any course you need to strengthen your skills and impress employers in your dream field.

Online learning opportunities will come in particularly useful if you’re trying to land a career in the STEM field. These are, of course, complex and very theoretical-focused careers, so understanding the background essentials can be made far more effortless by learning them in your own time online.


Clean up your socials

One of the first places recruiters will look after they’ve received your application is on your social media accounts. That means these should be kept professional and should have no subjective posts.

If you’ve provided a LinkedIn or another business profile, make sure it’s packed with relevant industry news, posts and skills. Doing this will leave a far better impression than if it was a simple, empty profile. You shouldn’t waste a recruiters time sending them to an irrelevant profile.

Don’t apply for every job

Instead of rushing into the field and looking to land your dream job as soon as possible, it’s best to do so in a slow and controlled manner. Narrow down your job hunting activities and spend the time actually looking at the requirements, the description of the role as well as the company you’ll be working for. You don’t want to waste time going to countless interviews only to find that it’s not the right fit for you.

If you have a group of friends or family members employed in your dream field, it might even be wise to ask them for pointers or to let you know when a place opens up so that you’re ready to apply right away.

Lastly, taking the time to apply to only a few jobs will mean that you have some extra moments to spend on writing a quality application letter. This will make you look more professional and motivated to work with a company and increase your chances of landing the job. More on this below.

Create fresh application letters

This pointer is a big one. No one wants to see a generic resume and cover letter, especially if the role is a high-paying professional one. You must spend the time to pour your heart and soul into your cover letter and really sell your skills, passion and motivation to work in that particular field.

The more heartfelt, believable and persuasive your applications are, the more likely you are to land an interview and possibly your dream job. It’s important to remember, however, that you shouldn’t over exaggerate your skills and accomplishments in your resume or cover letter. Recruiters will see right through this during the interview and it will leave a really bad impression.

Always be interview ready

This goes for every interview, though your dream career is on the line now, so take some extra steps to impress.

  • Look at the company you’ll be working for. That includes knowing what they do, who their partners are and what their products and services are.
  • Try your best to practice answering difficult or confronting questions. Then once the questions come from your interviewer, you’ll know exactly what to say.
  • Check up on your interviewer too. If they have a LinkedIn or a website, go over it. It’ll pay to understand the person you’re talking to.

Ask for feedback

If instead, a promotion is what you’re looking for, then work for it. Keep in the loop with your managers and supervisors and ask how you’re doing. Always be improving in your role and actively be on the lookout for workflows and tasks you can undertake that will make your manager or boss’s life a whole lot easier. This way you’ll be showing that you’re an asset to your employer and they’ll be less hesitant about promoting you to a higher position, which could be your dream job.


Jade Anderson from Upskilled

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