Learn Payroll Administration Basics on Excel – Short Course

Learn Payroll Administration Basics on Excel – Short Course

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Price: 300.00 $

A basic Excel structured Payroll course, to teach you the basics of payroll, as well as to provide you with the tools needed to edit and create your own personalized Excel Payroll workbook. The workbook is structured in an easy and user friendly manner, to facilitate learning and personalization. This course is best suited for: Start-up business owners, who cannot afford expensive payroll packages or extra help in the officePersons who consider pursuing a career in payroll administration and /or bookkeepingBeginner payroll administrators and /or bookkeepers; andStudentsPlease note that the information used during this course may differ from company-to-company, and was only used as sample data. It is your responsibility to make sure that you use the information relevant to your specific needs. Two sources of information has been provided in the introduction video, which will assist you in determining the data that applies to your business.

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