Practice Assignment: Technical Analysis for Stock Trading

Practice Assignment: Technical Analysis for Stock Trading

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Aspiring Traders and Investors, Stock Lovers, Stock Market Aficionados!

So you have learned the basics of trading stock, forex, options…. (Step 1):

  1. how to read charts
  2. perform technical analysis
  3. identify patterns …


Welcome to Step 2: Practice Assignment Technical Analysis for Stock Trading, a place where you can practice the skills you have learned!

If you have some knowledge of trading in the market but:

  • struggle with the application in real-time trading scenarios
  • lack confidence in your trading abilities

  • are afraid of taking trades

  • need more practice time

  • or anywhere in between

  • … this is the course for you!

    Luca Moschini, your Technical Analysis expert, has created this course that will take anyone and everyone with little trading knowledge from ground zero to a comfortable place of trading in real time.

    Some of the topics we cover in this course include:

    • trend analysis
  • accurate line drawing

  • finding support and resistance levels

  • reading indicators

  • timing your entry and exit strategies

  • and so much more!

  • This course to give you the opportunity to test your trading knowledge, exercise your trading skills, and build your trading confidence. 

    Luca will be side-by-side as you practice your assignments, go through the trading scenarios and ask questions along the way.

    If you’ve ever wanted the opportunity to practice, get guidance and improve your technical analysis trading skills, then this is absolutely the course for you. It will take the fear out of the stock market and give you the confidence and knowledge to start watching, understanding and trading the stock market successfully.

    This course is for all level. Whether you are a beginner, an investor or an experienced trader, you can find useful and practical guidance in this course. All you need is an open mind and a passion to be successful at trading!

    Enroll in this course now and start trading the market successfully!


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  • Your trading success is our goal!

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