Adobe Draw – Creating digital art! Drawing A-Z on your iPad

Adobe Draw – Creating digital art! Drawing A-Z on your iPad

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You want to draw on your iPad, create fast and simple digital art, build realistic illustrations and discover the easiest way of portrait drawing in just a few minutes? Than this is the correct course for you!

My name is Gergo, and I always loved simple, minimalistic and powerful representations of our world, in ways that you see in cartoons and comics. I started drawing as a little kid – first with pencils, markers, crayons, different paints, then slowly advanced into digital art: I was fascinated by the simplicity, the vibrant colors and the efficiency of digital technologies. I experiented with a large variety of graphic boards, digital tablets from the most simple ones to the most professional ones, until I found the iPad and the iPencil. The sensitivity, the precision, the simplicity and the drawing speed convinced me to stick to this tool, and ever since then I’m trying to find the quickest and the easiest way of creating beautiful art.

User Review – Mechthild Rennebaum:
Easy to follow explanations with great visuals! I watch the videos on my Mac and follow along on my iPad. I am having a lot of fun learning new techniques! 

In this beginners course you will

  • Discover one of the most simple and efficient iPad drawing apps
  • Improve your drawing skills with the iPencil
  • Create high quality, compelling illustrations in the shortest time
  • Master one of the easiest forms of digital art
  • Advance in realistic portrait drawing, based on a photo
  • Take the first step towards creating your own style

I love quick and simple digital illustrations, and I would love to show you how you can create them in the shortest time. The techniques I’ll show you will enable you to create realistic illustrations of almost anything, and make sure you have fun on the way.

Even though this is a beginners course, and you can start with absolutely no drawing skills (I will explain everything in details), I will be using professional techniques so even designers can learn a few new things.

On the top of all the solutions, techniques and tips, you will receive:

  • all the pictures we’re working with
  • the drawing exercises for your practice

  • my ongoing support throughout the whole course, if you have any questions

  • In order to make sure you are getting what you signed up for, my course has the Udemy 30-day money-back guarantee.

    I’m happy to have you here, let’s embark on your journey through digital art right now!