Evolving technology in musical education

Music education is an important, but often overlooked, form of education that has countless benefits. Music education is evolving rapidly and there are now many cost effective and beneficial tools to help make music education possible, like the iPad.

Many school districts around the country unfortunately don’t understand the value of music education, and are quick to cut funding to music education initiatives when budgest are trimmed. What they don’t realize is that music education can play a major role in the learning process, helping to improve memory and retain information.

Through this infographic, created by Kent State University, the goal is to help illustrate the value of music education and provide scientific proof of its importance.

  • Music students, on average, scored nearly 40 points higher on the verbal portion and 20 points higher on the math portion of the SAT
  • Music training, over a period of seven months, aided under-achievers to surpass fellow classmates by 22% in math

To learn more about how music education is evolving in the education world, checkout this infographic created by Kent State University.

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