Beginner Alto Saxophone Lessons

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Hello and welcome Beginner Saxophonists !  

My name is Matthew and I would like to teach you How To Play The Sax.  

You may be a Primary or Elementary School student (or parent), you may be a junior or senior High School student (or parent), you may be at University or College, or perhaps you are an adult who has always wanted to play the saxophone.  

If you are brand new to the saxophone, then I can help you learn how to play the sax.  

Here at How To Play The Sax we cater for all beginner saxophone players – ranging in age from about 10 to 110 years old.  It is NEVER too late to learn how to play saxophone 🙂   

Learn saxophone fast !  Play the music that YOU want to play !

You can use these online beginner saxophone lessons as a stand-alone system to learn how to play the sax.  Or, you can use them to supplement and as an addition to the sax lessons you might be having privately or at school.  Either way, these beginner sax lessons will jump start and turbo charge your playing.  

As part of our beginner saxophone lesson journey together we will be playing a lot by ear.  That means that we will use our ears to hear, our eyes to watch and our brains to translate it all into our fingers and mouths on our saxophones.

By listening and playing together you will be making music together in no time !  

Reading music is important, but actually playing music is important too.  Initially we will simply concentrate on playing.  

And playing music is fun !  If you don’t enjoy it, then perhaps you shouldn’t be doing it…. At least that is my opinion…..

Here at How To Play The Sax we will be having fun.  We will take some simple and traditional songs, learn them first, then play around with them.  We’ll jazz them up, slow them down, rock them out and change them completely.  

As well as the video lessons, we have backing tracks as MP3 files that you can download too.  Play them on your computer, your phone, your tablet, your stereo system and play your sax along with them.  

There are also PDF files to download (and print out if you wish) to help make learning the saxophone easier for you.

Watch the lessons once, or twice, or ten times, or make them a part of your daily practice routine.  

Online saxophone lessons are a great way to learn how to play the sax, because you can download the videos, look on the screen or print out the materials and access them as often as you like, when and where it suits you.  

So, who am I and why should you let me help you learn how to play the sax ?  

My name is Matthew and I have been playing the saxophone for more than 33 years.  I have played in rock bands, jazz bands, big bands, concert bands, musical theatre groups, orchestras and ensembles.  I have played big gigs and small gigs, bars, pubs, clubs, and stadiums.  I have played with famous people and people you and I have never heard of.  I have recorded and been involved with CDs that have sold all over the world across all styles of music.  I have taught students who are young and not so young.  I enjoy playing my sax by myself or with others.  I am equally at home on my Tenor sax as I am on my Alto sax or my Soprano sax.  My theory is that I will play with anyone, at any time, in any style !  I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy it all.  

Music, and playing music is my passion – and I want to pass this passion on to you.  

Playing the saxophone can be easy, with the right instructions and teaching.  

Whether you want to be the next Maceo Parker, John Coultrane, Clarence Clemons, Kenny G, Candy Dulfer, Zoot from the Muppets, or simply just want to learn how to play the saxophone, then you have come to the right place !   

Let me show you How To Play The Sax !

Click the Enroll Now button immediately and let’s get you playing the saxophone.