10 Tips to motivate handicapped students

There are different types of handicapped students. Physical and psychological handicapped students are seen in special education schools. Physically handicapped students are able to understand and perform well in academics. But, sometimes physically handicapped students develop negative thoughts about their physical inability which affect their academics and psychological health. 10 tips to motivate handicapped students are discussed here.

Be polite with them

Handicapped children are sensitive. Their parents and teachers should communicate with them in a polite way. It is very good for their mental health. The chances of improvement increase when they are treated in a polite and calm way.

Make them feel worthy

Make them feel worthy by asking them if they need any help. This will ensure them that they are worthy and their confidence level increases. They show improvement in academics and in social settings as well.

Encourage them

Always encourage these children. They are sensitive enough and feel pleasant when they are given encouragement. Strictness from parents and teachers warrants their psychological wellbeing.

Make them participate in classroom activities

Arrange small recreational activities and involve each child to participate in these activities. These activities are very useful in making them relaxed. These activities enhance the chances of improvement in academics and mental health.

Divide their tasks into bits and chunks

These children have difficulty in understanding things in one go. Teachers and parents must repeat the instructions in bits and chunks with pauses and gaps. These pauses and gaps help them understand things in a better way. Always divide the task into small chunks according to the understanding level of these children.

Give them time to understand

After giving them instructions, allow them some time to process these instructions. They are slow learners and don’t pick things in one go. Instruct them slowly and then give them some to follow the instructions.

Treat them with care and respect

Communication with these children becomes difficult if they feel threatened and scared. Always take care of these children and give them respect. They will feel comfortable and relaxed if they are dealt with care and love.

Make their portfolios

These students show gradual changes in their behaviour. The improvements are not expected overnight. Maintain their portfolios and note down their daily activities, at the end of the week the improvements are evaluated. This will help in understanding the improvement in their academics and mental health.

Reward their accomplishments

These kids are sensitive and feel confident when they are rewarded. Small achievements should be rewarded by parents and teachers. Candies and toys should be given to them as a reward.

Assign simple tasks

Assign them simple home assignments which are not beyond their understanding level. Appreciate them with whatever they deliver because the main thing is their willingness to solve the assignments.

Weekly meetings of parents and teachers are very beneficial for the handicapped children. This will help both parents and teachers to further plan out things for these kids.

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