10 Useful websites for geography students

Geography is an interesting subject. It can be best understood with the help of different websites related to geographical locations and landscapes of the world. The landscapes and physical features of Universe are well presented on these websites with videos and images. 10 useful websites for geography students are presented in this article.

1. Mapping our World | Oxfam Education

Students of geography will find this website very useful. It has useful information about maps and globes. You can get your desired information. It is best for high school students.

2. The World Factbook – Central Intelligence Agency

This website is useful because it contains information about the history of the world. It has various tabs on it such as economic, political, cultural and different other geography related topics are available here.

3. North Star Geography + Wonder Maps Bundle

This web page contains different e-books on all sub-branches of geography. You can get information on economics, politics, environments and history related information. It is useful for high school and middle school students.

4.Cultural Jambalaya

This is a place that has photographic information about different cultures of the world. This website is hosted by a nonprofit organisation. It has beautifully compared and contrasted different cultures of the world. It is the best source of information about different cultures of world and geography students can get relevant cultural information.


This website has presented information about world’s facts, maps and different articles on geography. You can use this website for making geography projects on maps, cultures, peoples, environments, climates, landscapes and other geography related concepts.

6.Around the World

This spot is useful for kids. It has pictures and videos related to different places of the world. Kids can get useful information on different historical monuments and places of the world. Videos and pictures are useful in memorising names of different places.

7. Global Trek: Virtual travel around the World

This website is best for those who want to gather travel information. People can share their journals related to travelling from different parts of the world. This information is useful for geography students and for travellers as well.

8. com – States and Capitals

All geographical information about 50 states of the United States can be found here. You can get interesting facts about U.S. Colleges, maps and facts tabs. It is the best website for students looking for geographical information about U.S.

9.Geography Resources, Maps, & Facts for Students

It is designed for students looking for geographical information about different regions of the world. You can get different books and resources on geographical topics. It is a useful for making assignments on worlds’ facts, maps and cultures.

10. Geography Education

This website is best for students and teachers. Recent updates and news on geography are shared on this website. Students can get information about different cultures of the world. You can get information on agriculture, industrialisation, world’s politics, economic development, population and migration.

According to my experience, these are the 10 most useful websites for geography students. Apart from the students, the teachers can also get related information for their lectures and presentations.

Author: The writer of this article, Jimmy Bond, is a Geographer, a Teacher and a writer who writes for on multiple topics.

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