Invest in your teachers

The education is the foundation of the nation. We have heard this so many time, but not really paid attention that much.

Why does it matter?

For one if you do not invest in the educators of the future generations, then the future might turn out to be as prosperous as one’s country might want. Further on, if you have teacher, who have attended the last training with the end of their studies, then we have serious concern for our children’s gaining of knowledge.

Why is this the case?

The education is vivid and life matter, that needs to be followed and constantly updated when having in mind the new media and technology trends. This is one of the reasons why the teachers of our children should have books that are of more recent date, this is why the latest in all fields of learning should be present in our children’s classes.

Teachers’ workload and school financial pressures pose challenges for professional learning in schools, but if the country cannot afford to invest in the teachers, then it indirectly does not invest in its future development.

If teachers do their best at helping learners towards the best possible outcomes, then they need to be equipped with the best accessible tools, skills and experience to do so, have the knowledge that they are valued and at the same time be respected enough.

Why are traditional forms of professional development not working?

How can we find a sustainable way to provide for teachers development while addressing the budget and time constraints schools have on them currently?

Have a look at the infographic and share your comments with us.

Can you afford not to invest in your teachers? Infographic
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