7 Career fair mistakes that can cost you a job!

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A career fair may seem intimidating if you think about what to say to the recruiters present there, what to wear at that special day and whom to talk to in order to increase your chances of landing a good job, but it is not that difficult if you keep in mind some basic things. Take a look at the following few mistakes and rookie moves that you need to stay away from at the career fair so that you can present yourself in a much better way:

  1. Not completing your homework

In order to stand out from the pack, you should make sure that you check the attendee list and checking out the website of the specific organisation in advance that you are most interested in. Knowing something about the organisation and talking in accordance with that will tell an employer that you are fit for the position and keen to work for them.

  1. Not dressing up properly

Remember to dress up for the professional business setting and not for the date night. It is a wonderful chance to make a stealer first impression that happens only with your outward appearance. Wear moderate flats, dress pants or a skirt and a nice blouse. Clothes that are not ironed and wrinkled give a pathetic impression and make you look careless.

  1. Not giving a strong introduction

Giving a weak introduction that does not connect with the employer in any way will never help you stand out. Some silly mistakes include giving a complete generic interview of your name, stating your hometown more times than you can actually count or talking about how you have not been able to sleep well as you were looking forward for this day. You will certainly leave no impression if you leave your introduction on such points since the employer would not know where to go from there.

  1. Going to your favourite companies or organisations first

You should not approach your favourite companies first, as soon as you arrive at a career fair. Instead, get warmed up with a few companies first so that you know what they are looking for and the types of questions they would ask in an interview. Make sure you do not make it too late because by that time you would be too tired to give interviews in a cheerful and positive mood.

  1. Losing hope after the first meeting

No employer will hire you right away; therefore, do not let that slay your spirits. It is just the beginning and nothing ends with just one meeting. Make sure you ask for their e-mail addresses, shake hands and thank them for their precious time by the end of every interview.

  1. Submitting a poor resume

Bring several generic copies of your resume that includes a broad objective. Some employers may decline your resume and encourage you to apply online but you will still have the opportunity to build a relationship with them by verbally sharing your qualifications.

  1. Not following up after the career fair

Never forget to follow-up with the recruiters even if you had a not-so-great conversation at the fair. Make sure you send a quick e-mail to the employer within the next day or two. Let them know how much you enjoyed talking to them. Show your interest in their organisation or share any of your future plans to work with them.

Career fairs are, without a doubt, an excellent way to make a positive first impression with an employer. It not only helps you explore new career option, but also assists you to learn about several job opportunities out there. Knowing how to attend a career fair is more than half a battle. A wonderful opportunity awaits you to take your lives to the next level, do not destroy this chance and avail it to the fullest for your own advantage.

About the Author: Alisha Ellis helps students who are facing difficulties in their education life and don’t know what field to choose to get choose to get a good career start by her articles. She also provides assignment help to students. You can get her advice by following her on Facebook