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Walden University is one of the largest private universities in the USA.

Located in Minnesota, its special emphasis on providing online education has made it a choice of over 40,000 students. It is a university reputed for its wide range of online courses and quality education. The Walden University portal is well designed to give potential students all the necessary information about its programs, admission procedures and a whole lot of things that potential students would want to know about.

Let’s look at some of the important information you can find when you visit the Walden University portal.

Strong accreditation and recognition
The academic degrees granted by Walden are recognized in the USA by The Higher Learning Commission as a member of the North Central Association. This accreditation ensures that the courses offered by Walden are of high quality and value.

Special provision for international students
A lot of students of Walden are international students, who pursue their courses online. Walden offers the students a wide range of courses to choose from, ranging from special individual courses to even special doctorate courses. Its online platform allows students to take courses based on their preferences and interests. As a member of the Laureate International University group, the university offers competitive courses that are recognized in more than 100 countries in 4 continents.

Comprehensive scholarship and financial aid program
A look at the ‘tuition and financial aid’ section of the Walden University portal will easily let students know about the wide range of options that the school provides to its students. Ranging from tuition reduction and scholarship opportunities to loan options, students get to choose the option that fits their needs and situation. Various government and private foundations sponsor their students for scholarships and grants at Walden.

Focus on doctoral level studies
Walden University, since its inception in the 1970s has continually granted PhDs certificates to many students throughout the world. The university is regarded as a leading institution for offering research based study opportunities to many advance scholars throughout the world. Walden seems to have put strong attention in focusing towards the needs of working and professional scholars. Thus, for working professionals wishing to get that competitive scholar advantage, Walden could serve as an ideal choice.

Top producer of minority master’s and doctorate graduates
Walden University has been ranked as a top producer of minority master’s and doctoral graduates among all colleges and universities in the USA by a governmental survey.

Online library
Since Walden emphasizes facilitating students through their online systems, it has set up an online library in the portal. With over 50,000 journals and more than 100,000 eBooks, besides the millions of papers submitted by students, Walden provides a complete library service for its students.

Support for research programs
With a dedicated facility named the Center for Research Quality, Walden provides quality research guidelines and support services to its students. It also helps students pursue grants, fellowships and other sources to fund research. At the same time, it frequently monitors and supports the works of its students pursuing research.

Career Services
Walden has a dedicated Career Service Center for providing personal, one-on-one counseling, so as to guide students towards making a good career choice. The professionals at Walden, guide students in several ways including finding jobs and evaluating job offers. Thus, students can expect to get a complete online career counseling service at Walden.

Colleges and courses under Walden University
Altogether 10 colleges operate under the banner of Walden University. You can see at the Walden University portal, specialized schools in the field of education, counseling, health sciences, information technology, management, nursing, psychology, public administration, social work and undergraduate studies. In total, these colleges provide 75 online degree programs and 385 specializations and concentrations.

No visa granted
If international students are thinking about joining Walden for getting a visa to the USA, then maybe Walden won’t serve to be a good choice. Walden isn’t authorized to grant visa to study in USA. Hence, students need to be clear that getting an admission at Walden has nothing to do with getting a visa to the USA.

All important information about the school, courses offered, state of the art facilities, career opportunities and so much more can be found and easily accessed at the Walden University portal. Hence if you are considering enrolling in a course offered by Walden University, then the information provided above may serve to be vital.

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