Brave new learning

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The technology is transforming the traditional classroom, blackboards, chalks and brick-thick textbooks are being replaced by tablet computers and classrooms with virtual learning rooms. Worldwide governments are advancing electronic learning in local schools by rolling out pilot schemes and granting funds, maximizing the benefits of e-learning.

Ambient Insight, has researched the e-learning, and has established that inquiry-based learning paves the way to a successful future for students in a digital economy. Student – centered scheme is becoming a global trend.

Apart from the new and interesting modes of learning, another important aspect in this industry is the level of earning. According to the report from Ambient Insight it is estimated that that the world’s e-learning market will be worth US$49.6 billion by 2014 and that Asia will be the fastest-growing region.

e-Learning projects at different schools, dedicated to enhance the self-directed learning and lifelong education work on the proposals to encompasses the visions that boost students’ interest in learning and providing an enjoyable environment for achieving different learning objectives with its multimedia, interactive and innovative features.

One good example of e-learning development is HKT Education that promotes e-Learning solutions, which combine everything into one package: network infrastructure, electronic textbooks, a Cloud Learning System that enables pre-class preparation and post-class assessment, an active learning system that enables synchronization and interaction in class, and tablet PCs for students and teachers.

Real-time quizzes, tests and other learning activities can be conducted interactively via tablets. Teachers, who have central control of students’ tablets, can monitor and analyze their progress in a timely manner. Their materials have been uploaded to the system, making the most of the class’ time.

There are now six schools trying out the HKT system. The cost per school varies depending on the condition of the facilities.

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