Which language should you learn?

English is currently “top-of-the-pops” when it comes to international business codes, but you probably speak this already if you are reading this article!

Regardless of this, you could improve your own marketability and scope by picking up another language, or maybe more! The question remains as to which language would suit your purpose though. One cool fact about learning a second language is that your brain will function a lot more efficiently if you have the command of at least two spoken codes. Learning a language involves understand the culture as well as contexts and specific idioms, Google translate just doesn’t cut the mustard really. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some language options for you.


There is little doubt that China is winning the race to become the next global superpower, whether we like it or not. They are currently sat just behind the USA and will soon be edging past on the world stage of commerce. There is no reason to expect them to continue using English as a means of connecting the world of business together. By learning Mandarin you will be entering a fascinating culture that has been around for millennia. But, despite the impressive way that China has progressed, only a third of its own people actually speak Mandarin!


There are over 300 million people speaking Arabic around the world today, and this number is growing on a daily basis. They say that the world’s economy is heavily influenced by the oil and gas trades, well guess whom has a rather large handle on these? Should you have a great grasp of Arabic, you will find that your skills are in demand across the globe. There are also many defence firms that are based in the Middle East and we all know how well they tend to pay.


Many of us learned French at school, but few of us can remember anything but the most common used phrases. French as a language is currently the second most popular on the internet, behind English. It is spoken in over 40 countries worldwide and having this skill would surely improve your marketability big time. It is also rumoured that speaking French will improve your sex appeal, but that is yet to be proved!


Amazingly, Spanish is spoken by over 300 million people worldwide and connects many countries together. This was due to the exploring ways of Christopher Columbus and his traveling cohorts many years ago. It is the official language of 20 countries and should be considered very seriously as a cool language to learn. It is one of the easier ones to tackle and will impress the ladies big time when you are next chilling in Ibiza!


One of the coolest languages ever, with a fantastic fun culture to boot. Learning Japanese can be immense fun and will boost your street credibility in no time at all. It may appear a little difficult, but if you put in the time you will soon pick up all types of useful phrases as well as opening up the doors to Japanese business opportunities.

It’s up to you

So, there you have it, many languages and plenty of reasons why they are great skills to pick up. Just make sure you choose one for the right reasons and you will soon be boosting your business appeal as well as having some fun!

Author’s Bio:

This article was written by Charlie Smith, who is an ardent fan of the world languages and thinks that language is a primary means of communication. He works for a company offering honest and clear reviews of a variety of software products such as key stroke logging software.