The Economist on education

The Economist was founded in 1843 with a mission to lead the debate in pursuit of progress. The freedom of trade and the individual were the two major issues that the magazine campaigned for.

Today, The Economist is focused on stimulating debate and convening discussion about a wide specter of ideas and issues, in the magazine itself, on the website, and through live events.

The philosophy to tackle issues with a forward-looking, uniquely global perspective is aiming to create events that are for the intellectually curious, the people who enjoy ideas and ones who are passionate about the issues that define our world.

The Economist Group, is the leading source of analysis on international business and world affairs, offering objectivity of opinion, the originality of insight and advocacy of economic and political freedom around the world.

Their brands are, The Economist, Economist Intelligence Unit, Intelligent Life, Euro finance, Roll Call, European Voice and Congressional Quarterly.

You can find more about the engaging, inspiring and engaging contents of this resourceful editions at: The Economist

Here are some of the reports on education they have conveyed together with their corporate partners:
Work vs. skills and education
Online courses are transforming higher education, creating new opportunities
Learning Curve report

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