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Trainers and assessors need to be trained themselves before going on to assess others. In Australia, all trainers hence must undergo a program called TAE40110 –certificate IV in Training and Assessment. There are ten parts to this program, seven of which are compulsory. The trainer (who incidentally becomes the student) learns how to plan assessment activities and guidelines, how to plan and organise group learning and how to plan and deliver learning in the work place.

Also, the assessor is taught to assess competence. To keep in touch with the modern times, the students are taught to design learning programs. They are also taught to use training packages and accredited courses, which suit current employers best. Those who want to pursue the electives are taught to make presentations, encourage e-learning and promote different products.

The Certificate IV can be pursued online of course. Some institutions, which offer the degree online are Registered training organization. Hence, these institutions are recognised by the government. Also, the course can be completed quite quickly; 12 months is the longest period it usually takes to complete the course. On average, 25 hours a week need to be dedicated to this course if one intends to study full time. The course can then be completed in roughly 15 weeks. Part time students studying for 12 hours a week can complete the course in approximately 31 weeks.

No exams are associated with the course; assessment is done via short tests, written assignments and oral assignments. It is not necessary to attend classes and lectures. The cost generally varies. The lowest priced courses can be found at under $800 while the highest costing courses exceed $2000. There are many payment options available of course, including paying in instalments. Payments can be made by debit cards, credit cards and even by  Pay Pal. They can be made for each course as the student goes along too.

The requirements needed to enrol into this course are certainly not exceedingly difficult ones. A CV which contains employment data and education history is required. This usually determines whether the student has the skills required to enrol into the Certificate IV program. The student has to own a video camera for recording important assessments. The student should have a small group, who he or she can train and evaluate.

This certificate opens up many career opportunities for the student. They can train and assess in an industry of their choice. They can train individuals in vocational education. They can work in any public sector organisation as a trainer. They can be involved in community training. Also, these individuals will be able to assess workers while they are doing their jobs in any work place. These trainers can teach ESL courses and tutor. They can also act as invigilators.

Hence, considering that an online degree, which is available at a rather reasonable cost can open up so many career opportunities, why should a trainer or assessor not pursue such a degree, right?

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