How IQ levels determine your performance at work?

An intelligence quotient or IQ test determines your intellect  level based on the outcome of standardized tests. Specially devised to evaluate intelligence, an IQ score should ideally fall between 70 and 130. The following article discusses about IQ tests and how they can help determine your value as an employee.Let us see how IQ tests help in identifying the good performers.

The concept of IQ tests

IQ tests are often utilized for analyzing employees in the workplace. The scores are used to assess educational achievement, job performance, special needs, and income.

Good performance on the test can also help you during recruitment or promotion as an increasing number of firms are making use of this procedure to determine the performance of professionals.  It is an influential factor in deciding your fate in the office. But, is it fair to base all critical conclusions on one aptitude test? The suitability of the test can be defined only after understanding how the concept works and what its scores imply.

The effect on job performance

If a company is seeking to hire an employee who is a novice and has no past experience, then the best way to determine his suitability for the task is to evaluate his mental ability. This can be done via IQ tests, which help validate the general knowledge and future performance of a person. The validity of intelligence quotient as a predictor of job performance is more than zero for all work and differs according to the job type. While IQ is more likely to be associated with reasoning and lesser with motor function, scores of an IQ test can foretell performance ratings in all professions.

Individual characteristics like personality traits and interpersonal skills are of great significance while evaluating the performance of a worker. For work demanding higher qualifications, such as research or management, less IQ scores are considered to be a hurdle for good performance. A higher IQ influences a professional’s performance as it speeds up the ability to grasp industry knowledge, while a low IQ can make him slow and less adaptive.

The Effect on Remuneration

Studies depict that a high IQ will lead to enhanced performance at work which means that capabilities and your results at work are monotonically connected at all IQ levels. Due to this, a professional’s IQ will have a substantial impact on his or her income.

While some say that the relation between IQ and wealth is not as strong as that between IQ and performance at work, others feel that the two are completely unrelated. However, it is appraised that psychometric intelligence is among the factors stimulating social outcomes. IQ constitutes one sixth of the variation in earnings and this relationship strengthens with the rise in the professionals’ age, peaking around middle age when they achieve maximum career growth.

Reflection of intelligence quotient in daily activities

The core purpose of intelligence tests is to check a person’s ability to understand. IQ tests include questions related to logic, number sequences, mathematics etc. Solving the number series requires understanding of the overall pattern and then re-applying this strategy to determine the following numbers in the series. Similarly, logical reasoning requires you to study the given format and re-apply to your advantage. Primarily, all one needs to do is to understand general principles that can be applied across the different given situations.

When you think of a bright person in the office who is quick to acquire knowledge and utilize it during the process of work, you instantly assume that they are intelligent or have high IQ. One can tell about a person’s intellect when he is able to quickly understand new concepts. They require little or no training and are able to generalize their understanding from one condition to another. They do not ask for specific instructions for every other task. Rather than asking, they will set their own goals and experiment with different approaches under different circumstances in order to achieve them.

When acumen evaluation tests are taken by different people, it is seen that those who are good at word analogy also tend to succeed in the number series problems. They understand and move forward, just like they would do in practical situations. Statistics state that people who succeed in such tests also perform well at work situations involving comprehension. So, IQ tests help in predicting the behavior of people, making such tests highly popular and useful.

The assessment of the score

There are various ways in which one can take an IQ test. You can take an online IQ test and tally the results with the given table for validation. This makes it convenient for you to sit in the comfort of your home or office and evaluate yourself. There are many free IQ tests available on the Internet that can solve your purpose.

IQ tests usually include unique and innovative questions that are created by professional researchers. You may want to test yourself for a professional assessment grade for a new job opening or just to prove your worth. An IQ test entails a number of questions that measure analytical thinking, short-term memory, spatial recognition, and mathematical ability. The following table shows what your score can denote.


IQ Score

Very Superior




High Average




Low Average




Extremely Low



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