The grades on the safest college campuses

It’s an exciting time when kids go off to college campuses.

They think about the friends they will meet and the experiences they will have. Parents focus on all of the new things they will learn and how they will be prepared to face the real world. One thing that is becoming more important for both kids and their parents  ( apart from the grades) is safety.

Safe schools

When you hear about shootings, theft and other crimes on campus, you wonder how safe the school you’ve selected really is. Some schools, like Columbus State Community College, take an active approach to student safety.

The campus police force provides many services such as escorting anyone on campus or requiring ID when someone wants to access school services. It also sends texts to staff and the students in the event of an emergency.

East Central University in Oklahoma offers seminars to help students be prepared and stay safe from crimes that are common on campus. Uniformed police officers provide car and foot patrols on campus. Erskine College in South Carolina is another school that takes safety seriously.

In the event that a crime does occur, the school has a Victim Assistance Program in place. It offers education on the legal process as well as counseling and ongoing support.

Practical matters

Parents can help prepare their kids for life in college by teaching them how to be safe. In addition to regular lectures about walking with someone after dark, letting others know where they are and paying attention to their surroundings, parents can also enroll their kids in self-defense classes. They also want to make sure their kids have health insurance in case of any injuries during their school years.

As the article “What Does Student Health Insurance Cover?” states, most plans provide for major expenses or emergencies, so students shouldn’t hesitate to get care.

Parents should also inform their kids about the basic information about their plans, such as where they can go for treatment. This can ease the stress of a traumatic situation by having a plan in place. Parents should make sure students know who to go to if they are the victim of a crime or have concerns about one taking place. Crime can happen on even the safest campuses, and kids need to be aware of what they should do in the event they are victimized.

No one is invincible

People often feel invincible at this age and have the mentality that things happen to “someone else.” However, with more stories being shared about campus crimes, it can scare even the bravest of students. Arm your kids with the right knowledge and resources so that they can feel safe again and enjoy this exciting time of their lives. You can also have peace of mind, knowing that your college students are aware and prepared even when they are out of your sight.


About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including parenting and education.



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