Make college going more exciting!

Going to college can be scary and exciting, but it is a time that will never happen again, so you should make the most of it and enjoy every minute! There are some simple things a new college student can do to make the freshman year the best year of his or her life.

Get to know your college

The best way to have an exciting first year is to hit the ground running. Those who know all a college or university has to offer will find their place easily and will also find plenty to do!

Many colleges offer visiting student programs for high school juniors and seniors to check out the school and those can prove helpful in finding the right fit for both the school and student.

According to the U.S. College Board, the two things you need to accomplish on your visit is to plan for enough time to get to know the school and have conversations with as many people as you can.

Plan your move

You may want to take everything from your parents’ house to your dorm, but that may not be practical. BC Alberta Movers, movers in Canada suggests that you categorize items for the move according to necessity rather than sentiment. Winter clothes are a definite while your high school trophies can stay home. Professional movers can help with some of the trickier aspects of moving, like packing fragile items and loading big items.

Be creative with your space

Dorm décor experts suggesting adding color to your room. This can be done on the cheap with turning a flea market frame into a wipe off memo board or recycling old T-shirts into a colorful rug that you, and your friends, will enjoy!

Make sure to exercise

You may think you’ll get plenty of exercise with all of the campus activities but the average freshman does gain between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds, according to Also, students tend to exercise less their first year, according to statistics. Be sure to walk, jog or swim regularly and stay away from the vending machines.

Plan an outing into town

This may be the only time you will ever be in this city, so enjoy it. Take some friends and go to a local history museum or to the downtown area. Find out concerts and plays the town has to offer and perhaps even volunteer for a community project or organization.

Doing just a few simple things will make your first college year more enjoyable with less stress. Ultimately, it will be up to you to take charge of your life and this first year in college. Taking the right steps for a fun year will leave you with adventures that you will someday tell your kids!

By Savannah CoulsenFreelance Writer


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