Best career paths for animal lovers

People’s career path options are as abundant as their interests, with the diversification of the labour market, individuals can enjoy a larger number of employment and career options, which better correspond to their interests, skills, abilities and knowledge.

Animal lovers who are in search of the perfect job, will be quite happy to know that there are literally thousands of jobs directly or indirectly related to working with animals, whether that be pets, domestic or wild animals.

Having said this, working with animals is a serious job, and it should be taken as such. People interested and keen on working with animals, who are also looking to make a career out of it, will need to obtain the required level and type of education. Generally, the type or level of education required for working with different animals varies depending on the specific type of job one has in mind.

  • Say, one wanted to become a fully qualified veterinarian, since a vet is one of the most popular and wanted professions for animal lovers. Being a vet means being a proper medical doctor, but working with animals will require a doctorate degree obtained successfully in the respective tertiary institutions. Working as a vet, and provided that one is successful, one can expect a salary of about fifty to hundred and fifty thousand dollars p.a. given one practices in the US.
  • There are also a large number of positions and possible career options, in direct relation to animal doctoring. Some of these are vet radiologists, vet parasitologist, vet assistant, zoo vet, vet nurse, vet technician, vet dentist, vet pathologist, lab veterinarian, equine veterinarian and many more. All of these career options have to be backed up by a doctor degree from a certified tertiary institution.
  • If one prefers working with wild animals, the career paths in this particular field are just as many as in domestic ones. One of the most sought-after wild animal jobs is a marine biologist, or a marine ecologist. Although this job is exciting and thrilling, it is also quite dangerous and requires great knowledge. Becoming a marine biologist will require a university degree. There are other jobs revolving around marine biology and ecology which individuals may be interested in.
  • Working with wild animals in captivity is also of huge interest to many animal lovers. Zoos and wildlife reserves provide for excellent and exciting job opportunities. Apart from zoo managers and zoo keepers, there are park naturalist positions, habitat specialist jobs, animal caretakers, wildlife rehabilitators and many more. Generally, zoo and wildlife reserve employment opportunities are easier to get, but are also lower paid as they don’t require the same degree of education as some other animal related jobs.
  • In recent decades, grooming and pampering of pets has turned out to be a lucrative profession, especially in well developed countries. These days, pet animals can enjoy anything from a manicure (or a pedicure?) to pet accopuncture. There are a huge number of pet related jobs which animal lovers might be interested in. However annual salary and required level of education will vary depending on the particular position.
  • Administrative jobs related to working with animals have grown in numbers in the last one or two decades, with career options like animal shelter managers, pet adoption counsellors, animal cruelty investigators and others such available. Again, the difference in complexity and required knowledge for working these professions means that education (and experience) requirements, along with salary options will vary somewhat.

The future animal worker shouldn’t forget that working with animals of any kind requires patience, skills and approach, as well as lots of love and dedication.

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