How to be an effective writer?

Writing is a talent that can be refined with time and practice. However, learning the art of writing is never so easy. It is a challenging task that tests your thinking abilities and knack for expressions. You have to master it with your uncompromising commitment and dedication. Luckily, technology has blessed us with some real support in the form of apps that can help us enhance our potential as a writer.

Let’s have a look at 6 of the most novel apps to become an efficient writer:

  1. Ommwriter: Ommwriter brings out the real writer within you. It does it by giving you an inspirational environment. It uses chromotherapy and sound effects to let you focus your energies on writing tasks. It protects you from uninvited distractions and indulges your attention into your thoughts. Ommwriter offers a unique and innovative way to bring in your inner ideas and mold them in writing form.
  2. Pages: Pages is a word processing tool for professional writers. It provides a complete package to professional writers who need writing accessories and unique layouts on daily basis. This app has empowered them in a true sense. It provides all basic and advanced tools to facilitate the writers. Writers can create beautiful documents, edit them in real-time, format with appropriate styles, add images or organize data. ‘Pages’ also offers iCloud, a feature that allows a writer to access his resources on different devices.
  3. iA Writer: Writing is all about focus and attention. iA Writer provides the easy way to concentrate on your project. It offers minimalistic approach to writers who can compose prose without any element of distraction. The app provides a simple interface with no preferences in the settings. There is no colorful background and no distracting buttons. Just a clean sheet where writers can put all their thoughts. This app has been downloaded more than 600,000 times around the globe.
  4. Advanced Learner’s Dictionary: Writers often feel stuck due to weak vocabulary arsenal. However, Advanced Learner’s Dictionary provides you instant access to more than 2,000,000 words and phrases. However, it offers a lot more than that; you can learn about word origins, pronunciation and spelling accuracy. It also features a translator that can translate words into 30 languages. The good thing is that you can avail all these features without the need of an internet connection.
  5. WordPress: WordPress is the most popular blogging tool and content management system (CMS) used by bloggers. It gives you an opportunity to put across your ideas to your audience in a more personal and fun way. With WordPress, you can add images and videos, create links to related posts or divert traffic to your social network. All in all, it is the best podium for writers to communicate with their target readers.
  6. Chapters: Chapters is a tool for professional writers who have to manage multiple projects at a time. It is like your notebook on the go. No more worries to keep writing accessories and editing stuff as you can avail all these elements in this smart app. You can use it to make notes of your assignments, record your upcoming activities or organize your to-do list. Additionally, you can add photos, export notebooks or make backup of all your data.

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