Find affordable housing at college

One of the top expenses of attending college is housing.

Students typically face high costs for housing due to the limited housing units available on or near campus. Luckily, there are a few ways to try and get affordable housing.

Hunting for deals
The very first stop should be a campus housing resource center. Usually, there are individuals who can help you find housing on or near campus that is both affordable and safe. However, you should also check options on your own such as classifieds, online ads, campus websites and more. For example, if you were planning on attending Utah Valley University, you could spend a few hours combing online resources to find good housing. This search would likely lead you to UVU apartments in Orem and others that would save you substantially in the long run. Even if you have a very tight housing budget, you can find options that will work for you if you are willing to invest the time and patience into searching.

The closer the housing is to campus, the more expensive it is going to be. So even if you do not own a car, many universities employ a shuttle bus service for students living off-campus. This means you can find a decent place some distance from the campus which will assure you get a more cost-effective deal.

Sharing a place
No matter if you decide to live in a house or an apartment, considering roommates is often a good idea. Typically, you can look for a significant decrease in monthly rent because you’re splitting the bills, including any utilities, with at least one other person. You will need to speak with the landlord or apartment manager regarding the number of residents allowed per housing unit. Oftentimes, there will be students who already rent an apartment and who are looking for roommates.

Room with a friend
If rooming with someone you don’t know isn’t ideal, try rooming with a friend to curb expenses. The same cost-effectiveness can be gained and you may have the added benefit of possible carpooling, which further cuts down on school-related costs. Splitting all the housing bills and gas driving to and from campus creates an affordable plan.

Check out an online bulletin board or university union for advertisements on studios or apartments someone is subleasing if you’re just looking for temporary housing. If the person subleasing needs to move out or leave urgently, they’ll typically reduce the cost of rent or pay the difference. In some cases, students may even be able to negotiate a lower price with anyone looking to sublease their place. Make sure to check how long the individual is looking to sublease and ensure it fits the ideal time frame.

Author: Marlena Stoddard


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