Useful tips for home schooling

Home schooling has become one of the best alternatives to regular school. This age old method of home schooling was primarily adopted by families who belonged from the higher end of the society, or did not want to expose their children’s to the many horrors of the real world.

Even though home schooling is not as close ended or taboo as it was once considered to be and it is being adopted by many parents, there are still few aspects that many parents need to work on, to help improve the home schooling experience.

The Drawbacks

One major problems that many parents of home schooled children face is that unlike other children, they lack the social skills that a child gathers from regular schools. Daily social interactions allows the child to successfully face, evaluate and deal with any given situation. Another drawback that many home schooled students face is the inability to concentrate completely, this is caused usually by the homely atmosphere that can be very distracting at times, as the child is more interested to play with their toys rather than study.

Home School Improvement

To improve the home school experience, many families from ESTA countries have developed few helpful methods, which are as follows:

  • Arrange group studies – Many times to improve home schooling, organizing group studies with other home school students can be a refreshing change. Not only does it allow children to interact with other home schooled children, but it also takes away that monotonous feel of studies. This is also an effective way of improving a child’s interaction skills.
  • Make it interesting – One big mistake that many home school parents make is that they make the studies too mechanical. A little bit of fun, interaction and storytelling explanations can work wonders, as children tend to learn more effectively if subject is taught in a story like manner.
  • Shuffle activities – If you are thinking that maintaining a strict routine is required then think again, it is one of those key factors that makes children afraid for studies, which is why a little bit of shuffling around of activities and subjects can break the fear cycle within students.
  • Read it first – One mistakes that many parents make is that they do not read the matter themselves before buying it. Reading a subject first can be very helpful, as it will help you to understand the subject better and in-case of any doubts, you can easily find the solutions before teaching it to your child.
  • Encourage play – It is very important to understand that playing is the most crucial part of education. Playing not only allows the child to relax, but it also allows the brain to develop in a much healthier way by increasing the amounts of stress reveling hormones and increasing brain activity. Playing is also essential to help the child develop strong social skills, as it encourages interactivity with other children. For this reason it is very important to add a healthy dosage of play along with studies, to give the child a healthy home schooling experience.

Armed with the arsenal of information, now parents from ESTA countries can provide the best home schooling education for their children, to prepare them to face life at its fullest.

Author: Sophie Samuel

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