Online vs In-person tutoring

What are the benefits of online tutoring?

The benefits of online tutoring are numerous; we’ll start with your wallets. Online tutors are normally very economical in comparison to in-person tutors. You’ll see that there is such a diverse array of tutors from all around the globe that you’re bound to find prices that are more suited to you. From $5 per hour to $40 per hour for more technical subjects.

Next, we’ll cover the issue of time. Not everyone can plan to visit their tutor at a certain time, and schedules change. That’s where online tutoring comes in. With an online tutoring marketplace (such as Chalksy!) you’re absolutely free to contact and purchase the services of a tutor when you have time, so you are not bound to a schedule (and you do not have to leave your house, or your bedroom!).

The ability to connect with a tutor in Argentina when you’re trying to learn Spanish, or an Actor in Los Angeles when you’re trying to improve your acting craft is a gift that technological advances has rewarded us with. It’s amazing that you can have real, authentic and practical experiences online, and this is something that is extremely rare with in-person tutoring.

The last point we’ll cover is confidence. Students are often bombarded with Math statistics, Chemistry facts and dull grammar points that confuse, irritate and breakdown even the best of learners. With online tutors you are able to view learning in a new light and you are free to discover vocational subjects such as Hypnotism, Illustration, Web Design, iOS and  Android programming and much, much more, which enhances and enriches a person’s skills set and gives them further confidence to enter new industries.

What are the benefits to in-person tutoring?

Online tutoring isn’t for everyone. If you have a weak or unreliable Internet connection, it is difficult to interact with your tutor correctly, and can be more disruptive and frustrating than it’s worth. Please make sure to check your Internet connection before commencing online classes.

Certain practical skills such as Football, Baseball, learning to play the Drums etc., are not easy to learn online, and as such not recommended. In-person tutoring can give you a better learning experience in these areas.

So, which one is best?

Perhaps it’s a little biased to say this, but we’re strong advocates for online tutoring, so we name that the winner! Online tutoring offers you better flexibility, cheaper prices, a larger choice, a more authentic experience and can help diversify your skills set.

If you’d like to teach or learn online, join us at Chalksy in an online learning revolution!

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