What makes quick learners effective students?

Quick learners are at the base of any growing organization since they are considered the heart and soul of that organization. It is their willingness to go an extra mile that makes them stand out. Quick learners are smart and witty in their dealings with colleagues and supervisors and know where to draw the line… Continue reading What makes quick learners effective students?

What does your workspace say about you?

[responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Play”] The average American worker spends between 6 hours, 54 minutes and 8 hours, 16 minutes at work. One study in 2012, from UK researched showed that the average person spends about 5 hours, 41 minutes sitting at his or her desk. No matter which data you trust or want to compare the fact… Continue reading What does your workspace say about you?

How to get pupils interested in activities they don’t like?

[responsivevoice_button buttontext=”Play”] When I think back to high school, the overriding feeling I get is one of boredom. Don’t get me wrong; some of my lessons were great, but a significant number were lack-lustre and immediately conducive to demotivation. You might feel exasperated trying to engage your pupils, but with these easy tips on how… Continue reading How to get pupils interested in activities they don’t like?

If you wanted to know which are the best flipping of the classroom tips, have a look at the infographic below and tell us about your experiences in teaching today.

Have you always had trouble with spelling?

Whether writing is one of your strong side or not, technology is helping us each day in getting better at spelling words when we are working on a paper, email or even status update.

A lot of people do not take advantage of the tools available to them.

As a result from this, there are many avoidable mistakes that show up in final drafts or right after you click “send.” A very common error is mistaking one word for another that sounds similar.

For example, writing “brake” when you meant to write “break.” Although this is a small detail, the former is relating to a car part and the latter indicates a pause from your daily activities.

To make yourself crystal clear in 2014, the best idea would be to read over your work and check for these details, so that your papers are flawless.

You can see more examples of commonly misused words in the following infographic.

Created by Common English language misspellings, a company providing high-quality document editing and proofreading services.

New Year’s Resolutions

When new fresh year arrives, we all make resolutions on the very first day of the year. Wishes vary from the ones to quit bad habits and start doing something good, up to improve ourselves and the quality of our life. aHave a look at the inforgraphics below and tell us your comments.