Google Chrome: More than a browser!

Most probably many of you are using Google to browse the web pages you want to find, on the things you want to explore, learn, have fun, find data, develop business, exchange information, do all different things you want to do in “the big white open

If you are one of the more curious that explores the actual Google pages for more than just browsing, than you would be able to see that there are extremely useful resources on educational side.
Let’s begin in chronological order.

Google web store on education has four sub-segments:

– Academic resources

  • Family
  • Foreign languages
  • Teacher and admin tools

Each of them is reach with numerous valuable free resources

1. Academic resources: If you need a graphic calculator, or to explore the human body, if you need to explore the planets or increase the knowledge on foreign languages, you can access all these and hundreds of more applications, with just a simple click. Variety of choices is impressive and you can try the option that suits you best. Academic resources

2. Family: The resources of the education for the whole family are rich with inventive, funny, easy to manage and proactive tools, all accessible at Family Apps. If you need to practice math with your child, teach her/him how to draw, practice music lessons, learn how to make origami, prepare for the big birthday party or many more ideas that you might have on your child’s  further educational development and practice of the learned at the traditional schools, this is the perfect spot to visit.

3. Foreign languages:The world is becoming a global village and most of the people do speak English, but still one needs to learn it. There are  many countries that still prefer doing business in their native tongues and stick to their traditional language utilization. Whichever category of learner of foreign language you belong, you can find very useful tools on learning a foreign language, improving the skills that you have, practice the learned or just check how you stand with a foreign language knowledge once gained. Check at: Foreign Languages App

4. Teacher and admin tools: The name is self-explanatory. This place is reserved for the all groups of educators and the ones that are administration the educational tools. From natural to social sciences, from practical drills and exercises, to dance and conversation practice, all in one place. Teacher and admin tools available for free download.

All you need is a good will and a determination to begin to learn, initiative to sustain in what you have chosen and the tools that are offered for free. The quality is of top rating and the user friendly interfaces are more than cozy to use.

Still having second thoughts? You now better than that… start your most exciting journey into educational sphere and see for yourself how much fun and joy you can have with every single day and new skill established and learned.

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