1.4 billion students on Earth

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According to the recent Microsoft survey there are 1.4 billion students on planet Earth out of which 1.23 billion go in pre-k to high school and 170 million attend higher education.

On a global level there are 65.2 million educators – 9.2 million in higher education and 56  million in pre-k to high school.

For having a better overview what the figure of 1.4 billion students means, let me remind you that the world population is around 7.1 billion people.

Here is the Microsoft latest overview of the world statistics:

The US are the largest distance learning “consumer”. The statistic show some interesting figures about 2011 trends in this segment.The number of students enrolled in at least one online course has increased over 20% from 2002 (1,602,970) to 2010 (6.142.280). The IX Annual Report on the United States online learning in the US higher education show that the number of programs and courses taken online continues to grow. The acceptance of this type of learning modality by faculties is constant. Regardless of the fact that there is no compelling evidence that the continued robust growth in online enrollment is at its end, not all programs areas have the same growth.

The full report can be downloaded at: Going the distance 2011

You can find more at: 50 statistics facts about online higher education

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