One simple trick to supercharge your time management habits

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What is time management?

Time management is a very important skill that can help you finish tasks on time while keeping stress levels to a minimum. Everyone would love to have extra hours in the day. While most think its impossible, the reality is that by disciplining yourself and removing bad habits you will actually surprise yourself by finding extra hours in the day.

Time management at work

Our lives revolve around the Get-It-Done mindset. Your boss requires that you finish your tasks and projects on time, your family requires you to set your priorities straight and your friends will demand a portion of your time. Without proper time management, your life will be in constant chaos-running from each aspect of your life, chasing time and putting off more tasks and responsibilities to accommodate what is currently at hand.

The Get-It-Done mindset is evident in the many self-help books, journals, online articles, seminars and other media that all aim at one thing-teaching you how to better manage time by changing your behavior, setting and prioritizing your goals and eliminating bad habits like procrastination. By effectively achieving these things you can actually create more time for yourself.

Supercharge your time management habits

Sometimes, having the right attitude is not enough to get you to manage and organize your time. Of course, there is still something that you can do to supercharge your time management habit – use a time-tracking system.

A time-tracking system is a tool that allows its user to, obviously, track time. There are different platforms available online that serves the same purpose. Some of these can be downloaded and installed on various devices, while some others are web or cloud-based. Other time tracking systems even allow integration to other third-party applications for a more seamless workflow.

Using a time tracking system will allow you to log your activities EVERY DAY. Regardless of how much time you spend or how little, every single transaction can be logged. At the end of each work day or week, you can clearly view where you spent your time, what projects you are spending more time at, what bigger tasks are spending time little time into, etc.

From there, you can evaluate where you spend your time and arrange your schedule and priorities accordingly. If you notice that you’re spending way too much time working on smaller tasks, put them on top of your priorities list and finish up immediately the following day or week. You can also do otherwise-finish off your big tasks or projects and work on smaller tasks afterwards.

Author’s Bio:

Anthony Codispoti is the founder of GetMyTime, a web-based time and expense tracking solution for small & medium-sized businesses. Founded in 2001, GetMyTime is the first web-based time tracking system to integrate with QuickBooks accounting software. A serial entrepreneur since he graduated from The Ohio State University in 1997, Anthony enjoys brainstorms, masterminds, and Chipotle.



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