Teaching as a profession: Present and future

Teaching helps to uplift the standard of people and shows the students the right path to follow. The teacher helps to create a future which will bring happiness and prosperity for the country, society and a particular family. Here we discuss the present connotations associated with this job and the future trends that will have their bearing on this profession.

Teaching, the noblest of all professions not only helps to work for the welfare of others but also provides a good window to earn a living. For some, the teaching profession holds more appeal because of the stability and fine work-life balance it offers. Due to such reasons, teaching profession now attracts more young talent than ever before.

The assumption that teaching is only for those who do not get a professional job is long gone and now teacher is one of the most well paid, and revered professional. Top educational institutions are fighting for the best teachers, which creates a demand for extraordinary talent and hence the best of the best from top colleges are recruited in this institutes. With shorter working hours and more holidays than most white collar jobs, a job as a teacher is also not very taxing on the body. Moreover, the new trend is that once you get some good experience as a teacher in a good institution you can open your own tuition classes and earn handsomely, without putting much efforts.

Future trends in education sector: For over a century the education system has largely been the same. Teaching pedagogy, have remained more or less the same and the whole process has acquired a morbid nature that reek of uninspiring methods. Instead of being a medium to initiate and accomplish vital changes for the betterment of society, the process became a liability to be fulfilled. However, now with a host of technological innovations at their disposal, students have countless more opportunities to better learn, assimilate and implement what they learn. For example, distance learning existed even before the advent of Internet. But, there were only a handful that could enjoy the benefit of the same. Ever since online mode was introduced in it, the dynamics have changed a lot. There is no doubt about the fact that Internet has made education more accessible and easily available for everyone on the planet.

Teaching methodology, is also witnessing a paradigm shift. Using technology people can witness the results of whatever they have learnt firsthand. Virtual classrooms are taking over real classroom settings. In this mode there is no requirement of the physical presence of instructor and a lesson can be imparted through long distance video calls also known as video conferencing. To maintain a meaningful dialogue with their students teachers can employ different means of communication including email, IM, and texting. With each passing moment, as the technology progresses more, the number of possibilities keeps on increasing.

Traits you need to become a teacher: The first thing you need to identify in yourself is the hunger to learn more and newer things. If you are not easily satisfied by answers and always try to find the reasons behind things happening in the world then you have got the right mindset to become a teacher. Your inquisitive nature will go a long way in satisfying the queries of your pupils. Another quality that you need to exhibit is the ability to explain things in a manner that is easily understandable by everyone.

Although every mind has its own limitations when it comes to understand new things, the attempt should be to try and simplify things as much you can so as to make them understand to each and everyone. Good time management is a key quality that is required to become a successful teacher. Until you yourself are good at time management, you can’t really expect your students to be good at it. Patience is easily the most important quality that you will require the most in your career as a teacher. Until or unless you have the patience to answer the query of dozens of your students repeatedly, you can’t really expect yourself to be a pro at teaching.

Becoming a qualified teacher: However experienced or talented you are, a degree is necessary to backup your credentials as a teacher. Bachelor of Education is the most common and preferred degree for becoming a teacher in India. This degree along can be pursued with graduation or after graduation. There are a lot of good colleges in India that offer this degree. This qualification can be followed by a Master in Education or a PhD.

Scope of teaching in future: There has been a lot of discussion in the past regarding how advent of Internet has pushed teaching to the backseat. However, contrary to the popular belief, this signals a need of good educators more than ever. Internet is nothing but a gargantuan source of information, and teachers are the people who have the onus upon them to regulate this information overflow. A whole lot of exciting opportunities are waiting to be explored by a person on this career path. The current notion that teaching is only for back benchers who do not belong to corporate world is soon going to be a thing of the past. In the current time, only the brightest and the hardest working lot of graduates are desired by good education institutions. The future is going to be even tougher and competitive.

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