5 Freelance jobs for the MBA Grads

Getting a good paying, full time job nowadays can be a challenge. This is true even for people with advanced degrees, such as an MBA. One option for such people is to offer their services on a freelance basis. This is often more lucrative than settling for less desirable jobs. Here are 5 good paying freelance options that are perfect for the MBA graduate.

1. SEO Specialist

Every business with a website (which is rapidly becoming almost every business, period!) wants to rank well with the search engines. This is where search engine optimization specialists come in. While knowledge of SEO doesn’t require an MBA, it certainly helps to have a strong background in business. Those who aren’t as familiar with online marketing will have to brush up a bit, but these skills can be mastered by anyone with business savvy.

2. Marketing Manager

May also be called a project manager or marketing coordinator, this is a career that can be carried out very effectively as a freelancer. With this type of job, you will be in charge of creating and managing marketing strategies for brands and products. This may also involve tracking budgets, doing market research and managing online marketing campaigns. These freelance professionals can earn as much as $50 per hour.

3. Copywriter

If you are knowledgeable about business and marketing and you’re a good writer, you can get paid very well to put these skills together. Copywriters are always in high demand, for they are responsible for creating ads and marketing campaigns that make products and businesses profitable. Being a good copywriter also requires an attention to detail, so it may be necessary to brush up on your proofreading and grammar skills.

4. Social Media Coordinator

This is a relatively new job title, but one that’s really exploded over the last few years. Businesses today are all eager to establish a strong presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others. This requires a great deal of vision, as well as being very comfortable with how these services operate. Social media coordinators are responsible for creating and maintaining social media pages and interacting with customers on these sites.

5. Consultant

When businesses are ready to hire a consultant, they often seek someone with impressive credentials, such as an MBA in Colorado or from another well regarded university. A consultant may be called upon to work on any number of business related projects. This will depend on the particular area of expertise on the part of the consultant, as well as the needs of the business that requires this service. A consultant may be responsible for doing market research, overseeing ad campaigns, organizing focus groups, do competitor research or many other tasks.

By Karleia Steiner, Freelance writer

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