Can you use mind control to create an addiction?


We have all heard it before – the most powerful human organ –the mind- is the least known to the scientist. Teams and teams have been working on its exploration, but it still remains a big mystery, some say that humanity barely knows 10 % of the actual mind structure functioning.

Having said this, it is good to know that with all the paranoia of mind control and how Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be (and is) used to “mess with people’s heads” it is high time to pull the cat out of the bag and let people know exactly what is possible and what is actually not possible to achieve.

For example, can you create an addiction to someone by using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

Amazed to hear: Yes, you can.But, before you learn the steps to do it and how to protect yourself, here are two warnings.

First, never do this to people unless you are giving them a compulsion for something they want, that will be good for them like exercise and healthy foods. It may seem fun to think about, but leave it at that. Advise: only think about it, do not do it. It is just not a nice thing to do to people, to harm them with no reason whatsoever. Imagine someone doing it to you!! It is not a pleasant feeling, isn’t it?!

Second, In order to be able to do this you have to be very good at NLP, report building and anchoring etc. so you have to learn your lectures well.

You can start by eliciting what is called the NLP sub-modalities of a compulsion a person has.

In order do this you can start by asking what are some things they have compulsions for. He/she can reply – travelling, and then you can begin asking “As you feel that compulsion what sort of images is your mind making? Where do you see those pictures? How big are the images? Color or Black and White? ” and so on.

After this, begin describing what you want them to have a compulsion/addiction for in exactly the same way. Describe the new compulsion, as being seen in the same place.

This will be about it, I’m not going to give you any more detail than that. It’s more than enough to begin experimenting with.

Be aware that by using this pattern a person can create a compulsion for drugs, sex, money, perfection, driving fast, you name it. You can also create compulsions for exercise, punctuality, order and many so-called “good” things.

You should be aware that there are ways to prevent someone from covertly creating a compulsion in you. First, be aware of the mental and emotional states that people are asking you to describe and be on guard when they start to talk about compulsions.

In any case if you suspect someone has helped covertly create an unwanted compulsion in you, the compulsion can be undone with what is called – the meta yes/meta no process.

In Meta Yes/Meta No you will start by thinking of something unrelated to the compulsion that you would say “No” to.

Think of that item and bring up the very strong feeling and repeatedly say “No” in a very firm and congruent manner.

Practice it until the “No!” and the feeling are deeply linked to one another and believe in what you are practicing.

The next step will be to begin saying “No!” repeatedly to the compulsion and do it with the same energy and conviction as when you started the process.

If you can make NLP for your better learning, online studies and decision in life you are on the right path of improving yourself and your skills. If you decide to misuse it, be aware of the consequences and the fact that they may bounce back at you. The choice is yours!!

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