Do we need to take risks?

The question itself can be answered depending on your point of view in life, or depending on your mental state. It is not clear from it when and why we need to be taking the risks… so let’s get into more details.

For fact, it does not matter if you are a teacher, a banker or considering to take an online degree pilot, if you want to be the best and get ahead, you will need to take risks.

A teacher may have to take risks when working with children. He or she may have to experiment with different methods of transferring education to children or learning tools, when he/she does not know the outcome from, but is still trying the best of it.

A banker may have to argue a project in an unorthodox manner to justify the approved loan, but if the banker wants to become the top banker and make millions of dollars approving high profile projects, lots of risks have to be taken.

Potential students that is considering the option of selecting a course, or a degree to pursue, will have to take the risk that the selected studies might not fulfill her/his expectations, or she/he can not cope with the material, but the reward of obtaining the selected studies and pursuing with them, are part of the taking risk.

By all means, these risks are not unlike someone looking to get rich in a casino, as they have to be willing to risk everything they have to get that million dollar payoff. If you play it safe, you may get lucky and win a big jackpot on the slot machines, but if you want to make millions you are going to have to play games such as Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Craps . These are games that with some skill, luck and a lot of risk can retire off your winnings.

All these can be said about life in general. No one gets ahead in life from playing it safe and you will not meet your special someone if you are too afraid to risk getting rejected by someone, you will never get that big promotion unless you take risks at your job.

This is the reason why it is very important to continue to take risks in life, after you realistically estimate your potential, strengths and capacity.

To stop taking risks means to stand still in life and this can be one of the main causes of depression.

The people with this kind of attitude are usually the people afraid to confront the boss and tell him that they demand a raise, they are the ones that allow life to pass them by out of fear. And remember – the entire purpose of fear is to stop you from taking a risk!

Fear is nothing more then the unknown. If you always wanted to quit your job and open a small business, but you are too afraid to do it, this is because you are afraid of failing and risking what you already have.

This is the reason why it is important to learn to take risks in life, if you want to be happy, fulfilled and get the best that you deserve. You may not always get the things you risked for, but you will know that you have tried. In the end, it does not matter if you succeed or not, it is how many risks you try to make – that is the real test of how successful you are!!

You have to remember if no one took risks, we would be a world without flight and probably no technological and educational developments. This is why you need to risk truly, so that you improve your well being and the world.